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Why are Teachers Switching to Piano Pronto?

  1. Higher student retention rates and increased studio size
  2. Age & gender neutral materials work great with ALL your students
  3. Faster progress with students at all levels compared to other methods
  4. Enthusiasm from parents about increased time practicing the piano
  5. Value! All-in-one approach means the end of book shuffling

Customers are raving about

Customer Reviews
  • Song of the Northwoods Chickadees by Debbie Center by Jessica Posted on 2/10/2016

    How beautiful! I love how Debbie wove the birds' call throughout the piece. This is what my heart sounds like today, and I have a high school student who will love this as well! Tuplets are something we haven't worked on together yet, so this will be a great opportunity to work on those. Thanks!

  • Valse Parisienne by Lisa Frederick by Christina Posted on 2/10/2016

    Simply beautiful!

  • Sky's the Limit by Valerie Posted on 2/9/2016

    I had a student (who happens to be my oldest son) recently perform this piece for a hymn festival audition (as the solo piano requirement). The judges told him they loved it and wrote down the name of the piece so they could find it for their students! He loved playing it and he thought it was pretty cool the judges were so intrigued by it, too!

  • Make Your Move (Showcase Solo) by Brandy Posted on 2/9/2016

    I recently assigned this piece to new student of mine, an adult beginner. Even though she was sight-reading, it was a pleasure to listen to this piece. Make Your Move will strengthen her staccato and legato technique.

  • No Limits by Loriann Posted on 2/8/2016

    I have almost all boy students and so I am always looking for music that will appeal to them. My student who played this piece, loved it!

  • Medley: Auld Lang Syne & Simple Gifts by Loriann Posted on 2/8/2016

    I actually bought this medley for myself. I really enjoyed playing it for my students.

  • End Game by Loriann Posted on 2/8/2016

    My student that played this piece really enjoyed it. He started practicing more.

  • Carol of the Bells by Loriann Posted on 2/8/2016

    I played this with one of my students at a Christmas recital and it was a hit.

  • Easy Spotlight Solos Songbook by Pepper Posted on 2/8/2016

    This fabulous collection of solos will inspire and delight the beginning pianist! How often do "easy" solos sound professional, complex, modern, and beautiful!!! Every piece in this book is one that a student would be so proud to play - ( perfect for teens and the adult student) every piece in this book is a showstopper and yet really is at a level that a beginner reader can accomplish! What a wonderful surprise this new collection is! I love it!!! Thank you for these beautifully crafted pieces!

  • Spotlight Solos Volume 1 by Jacqueline F Posted on 2/6/2016

    This book is AMAZING! I have two students who were practicing "okay" but when I gave them this book, it's like they were lit on fire!! One of my students is playing faster and practicing more than she has all year and is excited to play the piano again! THANK YOU JENNIFER!!

What is Piano Pronto®

An exciting and rewarding approach to learning the piano!

The Piano Pronto piano lesson books are designed to get students of all ages playing real music - Pronto! Students will master the instrument while playing familiar and engaging melodies from a wide variety of genres. Key features of the Piano Pronto piano lesson books are:

  • Students learn to read music notation from day one!

  • Motivating, familiar solo piano music from beginning to late-intermediate levels

  • Music drawn from all classical eras, standard piano repertoire, folk tunes, ragtime, blues, and patriotic songs

  • Lush sounding, easy to read arrangements with fingers and dynamic suggestions

  • Clear explanations of music theory, terminology, music history, and analysis

  • Pronto Prep sections show students how to practice EFFECTIVELY!

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