Charts & Guides

Charts & Guides

Do you love being organized? We do too! This section is chock-full of helpful charts and guides covering our publications.

Website Quick-Tour

Have a quick look at the most popular features on the Piano Pronto website.

Piano Teacher Welcome Kit

A free, essential guide to help you dip your toes in the Piano Pronto pool of products.

Piano Pronto Transfer Guide

Transferring a student from another method book series to Piano Pronto? This free transfer guide will help you place students in the appropriate level and also offers supplement book suggestions.

Piano Pronto Method Book Guide

A handy visual guide showing the order of books for all the method books we offer including: Roadtrip!, Piano Pronto, and Fired Up!

Roadtrip! Series Overview

A quick reference guide to the suggested order of Roadtrip! method books and concepts covered in each volume.

Print Release Form

Use this if an office store asks for a release form before printing your legally purchased sheet music from Piano Pronto.

Piano Pronto Student Certificates

Need an extra copy of the student certificates found at the end of each Piano Pronto method book? This is the place!

Theory Time Scope & Sequence

A quick scope and sequence reference guide for both the Theory Time Grade Book and Theory Time Medallion series.