Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Movement 1 (

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Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Movement 1 (
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Teacher accompaniment parts for all 25 songs from the Piano Pronto Movement 1 method book by Jennifer Eklund.
Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Movement 1 (Hardcopy)

Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Movement 1 (Hardcopy)

Regular Price: $10.00


Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Movement 1 (eBook)

Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Movement 1 (eBook)

Regular Price: $10.00


Recordings: Piano Pronto®, Movement 1 (Digital Download - Mp3s)

Recordings: Piano Pronto®, Movement 1 (Digital Download - Mp3s)

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Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Movement 1

Fresh, contemporary duet parts for all 25 songs in the Piano Pronto Movement 1 method book! These duets will delight students of all ages and help to reinforce their rhythmic skills.

Track Listing

  1. Clementine
  2. Mexican Hand Clapping Song
  3. Love Somebody
  4. For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
  5. Yankee Doodle
  6. William Tell Overture Theme
  7. This Land is Your Land
  8. The Star-Spangled Banner
  9. When The Saints Go Marching In
  10. Little Sonatina in C
  11. Cowboy Song Medley
  12. Can Can
  13. Non piu andrai
  14. Surprise Symphony Theme
  15. Frere Jacques
  16. Alouette
  17. O, My Dear Augustin
  18. Spring Theme
  19. M&M Medley
  20. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  21. Ode to Joy
  22. Simple Gifts
  23. Trumpet Voluntary
  24. Theme From Symphony No. 1
  25. Fur Elise
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ISBN: 978-1-942751-00-7
Level: Intermediate
Medium: Method Book


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The Movement 1 duets truly enhance an already great book. While the pieces in Movement 1 sound great alone, these rich and unique duets excite and motivate students!

These teacher duets make lessons so much fun! Unlike the teacher duets in other method books, which seem like an afterthought at the bottom of the page, these duets are very high quality compositions! Parents are so impressed when they walk into lessons and hear these duets. Highly recommended!

These duets are seriously SO MUCH FUN! My students and I ALL enjoy them!

These sound great. I like having the mp3 recordings and duet parts available for lessons.

I love the duet parts because they make the student sound fantastic, and I love being able to play as well during their lesson!

These duets are fantastic!!!! Students enjoy having such high quality duets for me to play with them. They add so much to the great pieces in Movement 1. The audience at my last recital loved "When the Saints Go Marching In" played by one of my students. I played the duet part with her and we had so much fun preparing it. The duet really added to the performance. These great duets are a must have!!!

I can't imagine NOT having this teacher duet book. The teacher duets are a 'must have' for those who use the PP books. Not only are the teachers' parts beautifully written and enjoyed greatly by my students, I have such a good time playing them myself as well.

A must if you have students in the Mvt. 1 books. I love how they compliment the songs. It also makes the students accountable for steady beat and hearing how things work together! My students love to play these duets and I love to hear them!

I have been a piano teacher for almost 10 years and I had always found that playing duets in lessons took my focus away from the students playing. I was so wrong! Once my students were ready to pass off each song the 'reward' was playing the duet. My whole studio has fallen in love with this plan. The duet for Spring Theme in this book has become a studio favourite so much that students who passed the songs months ago still ask for that at the end of their lesson. Also, since they are Jennifer Eklund pieces, they are an absolute BLAST to play. I highly recommend this for any teacher on the fence - it is worth it!!!!

As a new teacher to Piano Pronto, I almost didn't buy the teacher duet book. I have typically been unimpressed with the duets that accompany most method books. However, the Piano Pronto teacher duets are wonderfully composed and enjoyable to play. I also love that the duets are in a separate book and not squished onto one staff on the bottom of the student book. Highly recommended!