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Pronto Pizazz Volume 1 includes 16 recital-ready fun solos for beginners of all ages. Each piece includes a fun, engaging teacher duet part. Music composed by Jennifer Eklund.

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Pronto Pizazz Volume 1 (Hardcopy)

Pronto Pizazz Volume 1 (Hardcopy)

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Pronto Pizazz Volume 1 (Digital: Single User)

Pronto Pizazz Volume 1 (Digital: Single User)

Regular Price: $10.00


Pronto Pizazz Volume 1 (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Pronto Pizazz Volume 1 (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Play-Along Soundtracks: Pronto Pizazz (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

Play-Along Soundtracks: Pronto Pizazz (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

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Play-Along Soundtracks: Pronto Pizazz (Digital Single User: MIDI Files)

Play-Along Soundtracks: Pronto Pizazz (Digital Single User: MIDI Files)

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Recordings: Pronto Pizazz Volume 1 (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

Recordings: Pronto Pizazz Volume 1 (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

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Pronto Pizazz Volume 1

    • Beginning level solos full of energy, style and most importantly—pizazz!

    • All 16 solos include lush, contemporary teacher accompaniments.

    • Enjoy spending time together at the piano with showcase-style pieces that are guaranteed to be a hit at your next recital!

    • Use as a supplement for Piano Pronto: Keyboard Kickoff, Prelude, and Movement 1 books

    • Appropriate for beginners of all ages no matter what method books you are using

Additional Details

Composer: Eklund
Tonal Center: Various
Genre(s): Contemporary Lyrical, Jazz & Blues, Pop-Style, Showcase Solos
Instrumentation: Piano Solo, Piano Solo w/Teacher Duet
ISBN: 978-0-989-9084-9-8
Level: Primer, Beginner
Medium: Hardcopy, Songbook
Method Book Match: Keyboard Kickoff, Prelude, Movement 1, Fired Up! Level One, Fired Up! Level Two


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I bought this to help strengthen my students' ears. I use this duet book with my beginners so they can sight read while listening for the duet part I play. This is a big challenge for many musicians! It is so rewarding to play fun music and hear the complementary duet parts. I love that the duets are arranged well and sound so lush and full while not being overly difficult.

I enjoy using this book for my older beginner students who just started note reading. There are pieces that are good as supplemental music and others are good for recital music!

This book has worked so well for kids who are struggling with Movement 1. I have been surprised how much they love the pieces!

I love using this book with students who aren't quite ready to move into Movement 1. One of my favorite books!!!

This book is a studio favorite which is wonderful for beginning students of all ages!

Pronto Pizazz is a must-have book for my new beginning students. I like that the first song 'Off to the Races' gets them playing a 'big kid piece' right at the start! Wonderful teacher duets to make the student sound even more fantastic!

I have several students who are playing Pronto Pizazz. They all love the book. The pieces are pleasant to the ear, and the duets are phenomenal. Also, there are many pedagogical nuggets throughout the book. Highly recommended!

I have read countless comments about this book being a "must have" for beginning piano students. I purchased it a long time ago and finally pulled it out to sight read with my daughter. Wow, we had so much fun! I am now using it with all of my beginner students and I completely agree - a "must have!" Fun for both student and teacher. A win-win!

This book has become the go-to book for my students -- whether they want to play a fun, easy duet for sightreading purposes or tackle some new rhythms whle reinforcing interval concepts! Thanks for the Deal of the Day and composing/arranging such great music -- for students AND teachers!

Fabulous book! All the duets are amazing and is leveled just right from song to song. My students really love this collection.

Great book for beginners of all ages. My students love the songs and the duet parts are fantastic!!!!!! Wonderful recital pieces!!!

I bought this book for an adult beginner student and every week she is so excited to play her piece of the week as a duet because they all make her sound fantastic even at a beginning level!

I love this collection and my students love it as well. One late beginner level student recently sightread 'Little Serenade' at her lesson and liked it so much, she wanted to add it to the 2 pieces she was already playing on the recital. I highly recommend this book!

My students are loving this book. If they like lyrical songs they especially love Strolling & Out of the Fog. I like that there are different styles of music: some fast, jazzy, lyrical, etc. There is something for everyone.

My students love this book. Playing duets is absolutely their favorite. Someday and Little Serenade is probably the most popular in my studio. Thank you Jennifer for these great pieces.

My students using this book absolutely love what it adds to our lessons! It has been an exciting addition to my studio.

My students and I have really enjoyed the jazzy duets in this book. I find the teacher parts fun and different as well. These duets also reinforce a strong sense of rhythm which is so often lacking in young students.

Once again Jennifer wows with her excellent, motivating duets. My young beginners LOVE playing these pieces, both their own solo part and along with the teacher duet. A 5 star learning resource!

Ever since I gave Jaclyn her copy of Pronto Pizazz, she bounds excitedly into the studio and just can't wait to play her piece as a duet with me. This book has revitalized her interest in piano and she is spending much more time practicing as a result.

Every piece in this collection is a winner! I love that this book can grow with a beginner up through Movement 1. The duet parts are recital worthy and really develops the student's sense of rhythm and musicality.

This collection is a keeper. These are not your father's boring duet parts! Everything sounds fabulous and students will come back the next week having practiced! Willingly!! These are good "recital savers" for students that need a recital piece that can be learned quickly and sounds impressive. The primo part in the later pieces stand on their own as great solos.

I can't believe I waited so long to introduce this collection. I listened to it today with a student, and she was just in love. I'm ordering copies for more students today!

I started out my students with Spotlight Solos but found that for some of my students it was a little too difficult to handle. I'm glad this came along because its been perfect. Perfect for some dazzling numbers at recitals and definitely perfect for reinforcing concepts with more repertoire to choose from. Nothing but smiles from my crew!

What a fantastic collection of supplemental songs for beginners! They sound "big". I just had a 7-year-old boy who is nearing the end of Prelude play "Someday" from this book. I had his parents come in to hear him at the end of the lesson and their jaws literally dropped as he flawlessly played this beautiful song. I thought he'd balk at the length of it - two whole pages! - but all he said was, "Wow, that's really pretty!" Satisfaction guaranteed.

The teacher duets are outstanding in this book. Beginners light up when they hear the duet for the very first piece, "Off to the Races". And playing "Cheers" with Piano Maestro is the all-time favorite of my first-term students. Thanks for a great product!

I have all of my Prelude students working through this book right now, to each play a piece for our next recital. I love how their eyes light up when I start to play "Off to the Races". It always takes them by surprise! One of my students loves the upbeat teacher duets, but not the lyrical ones (which are my favorite). She always asks, "Is this a fun one?" I like the variety of upbeat, lyrical, and minor key pieces. Can't wait for our recital!

Pronto Pizazz is definitely a must have for beginner piano students. I will first selfishly say this book makes piano lessons fun for the teacher! Why? Because we get to play great sounding music along with our beginners, instead of watching them plod through boring beginner songs. For the students, the valuable benefits include development of their internal rhythm as we consistently play the duets each week, reinforcement of the note-reading they are learning in their method books, and the songs are just so cute! Teacher duet parts sit well under the hands and sound fantastic. Great recital material. (I strongly prefer playing my teacher part on a second piano, in my case, a full size keyboard next to a grand).

I love this collection! It's great for beginners who need some gratifying supplemental music. I also use this collection as sight-reading fodder for my more advanced students and they actually like practicing sight-reading as a result.

I have a very large studio ranging from age 4 through age 68. Some of my students are in Piano Pronto as a method book and some use it as supplemental music. ALL of my students enjoy Jennifer's music whether they are her original pieces or the arrangements. I love the fact that many of their favorites are available in different levels! Now we also have new composers in the mix! KUDOS Jennifer!

This duet book is an absolute "must-have" in your studio if you teach. I love pairing this book with Keyboard Kickoff or Prelude. You can always count on the teacher duet part to be a fun, rhythmic complement to the student part.

This is one of my very favorite Pronto books. I have an elementary student that loves duets that has learned almost every song in the book, and we're about to go to an assisted living center together to play them for the residents. I also use it for sight reading and rhythm practice for some of my older students, and I love the variety of style and tempo. This one is an absolute winner in every way!!

A great beginning duet book for older beginners. Not too "babyish" for teens and adults either!

Lots of fun pieces in this collection. I have found it to be a great supplemental bridge between Keyboard Kickoff, Prelude and Movement 1. All Piano Pronto teacher duets encourage listening and are a blast for both student and teacher!

I like this book. Music is easy and very pleasant for beginner student.

I love this book! Right from the start, my students have enjoyed the engaging melodies, and look forward to being able to play the pieces with the duet. As a result, I am seeing an increase in musicality and an improvement in sight reading skills. The duets are enjoyable for me, as a teacher too. This is a truly great resource!

The Pizazz book is fabulous! My students LOVE to play these duets, and they make even the newest player feel so accomplished in their abilities to make beautiful music! The teacher duet parts are extremely well written and fun to play and hear!

I got my shipment today. Unwrapped the fun wrapping paper, then played through the entire Pronto Pizazz book before even looking at the rest of the box. This book makes me excited. It is the best beginner easy solos collection out there. And the duets are like layers of icing on top. My little students first of all will love playing these, and secondly need these pieces to learn so much (even my late beginner and intermediate transfer students)! And my upcoming adult group class wouldn’t be the same without this book. So versatile! And I enjoy every single one. Thank you Jennifer Eklund!

My students were wide-eyed and grinning when they each received their new copy of Pizazz. Even though it was just released on Dec 30, I had pre-ordered several copies in advance so my students had their new books at their first January lessons. I gave this book to students in Keyboard Kickoff, Prelude, and the beginning of Movement 1 books. For the later beginners, we used the first few pieces for sight reading purposes. Most new students will be able to play the first piece on their first or second piano lesson, which is really exciting for them. Before using Piano Pronto, my students *rarely* requested a duet at their lesson. Now, I have students who ask if we can play a duet at EVERY LESSON. They are excellent pieces – all of them. PP has added so much more joy into our music making!

One of my 7 yr old students, clutching his Pronto Pizazz and Prelude books tight to his chest, proudly declared,”THESE books work really good for ME!” He was absolutely beaming! He started lessons with me a couple yrs ago and we have waded through several different method books, with nothing bringing that spark and desire to practice and play. Now with this Pizazz music, he is lit! The songs and duets are delightful! And all my students LOVE the fancy,colorful cover! Pronto Pizazz is a winner!

I can’t say enough about the Piano Pizzazz duets! Jennifer has combined very early beginner primo parts with brilliant secondos that are more advanced. The result is amazing! My beginners LOVE these duets – I do, too!

“Oooooo!” The sounds of my 6 yr old beginning student as I hand them their Pronto Pizazz! It not only looks Pizazz, but sounds Pizazz as well.:) A perfect supplementary book for beginning students. The duets are gorgeous and the kids love the feeling of playing the full sounding pieces. The diversity of sounds is also fabulous, as I think there’s a little something for everyone’s liking in Pronto Pizazz!

Absolutely love this book! What a fun way to introduce duet-playing to a beginner student! I am thrilled that this book offers a variety of duets with the Primo parts ranging in difficulty from super-early beginner level (with just a few notes), to later beginner (with basic chords/harmonies in LH intervals). Not to mention, the Secondo parts are fabulous! …as they are with any Jennifer Eklund duet.

One of the BEST beginner books out there! I only ordered 2 studio copies to start with but now I am ordering additional books b/c students love them. And just like all of the other Piano Pronto books, the teacher duets are spectacular. Parents always stop whatever they’re doing & look up like, “Wow! My kid sounds amazing up there!”

I used Pizazz with a student who had forgotten her book, so we were *both* going to sightread from the book. (I received it the day before.)
HOLY COW, these are *not* your father’s functional but boring duet parts! They are engaging, entertaining, and extreme (in the good Mountain Dew/Red Bull way). My student got distracted the first time, but then she played perfectly with me the second time.
These are great pieces to motivate the early to late elementary student who has plateaued and is getting discouraged. Intermediate and late intermediate students will enjoy learning and playing the secondo parts.
It’s a “pizazz de résistance!”

I love this supplemental book! First of all, the duet parts aren’t your run-of-the-mill boring little ditties. The teacher part is interesting, has some technical challenges, and adds a fun bounce (syncopated rhythms) to the student part. The songs are longer which make them great for recitals and also gives the student a feeling of accomplishment in playing a longer piece of music. This is my favorite book!

I just started using Piano Pronto in my studio recently, and Pizazz is already my go-to sightreading book for all of my intermediate students! Suddenly, sightreading is fun and exciting with the teacher duets in this book. (These are the best teacher duets I’ve ever seen.) Bonus, the awesomeness of the duets makes my students really focus and count. Even my adult students love to sightread in lessons now.

I’ve been using these with my students for the past few weeks and they’re loving them! I love how they’re so doable for the younger kids, but sound so fantastic! Thank you!!

Wonderful book! Students are loving it!

These duets are very refreshing! The teacher parts are the best I’ve ever seen. My students walk away super motivated after playing these pieces. There’s just as much “cool” in this collection as there is sweetness and beauty. It does not disappoint. Can’t wait for Pizzazz Volume 2!

My beginner students can’t get enough of these easy but very fun sounding pieces! They all walk away very motivated and want to learn and play more. Jennifer has a great talent in arranging such attractive teacher’s duet part. I sometimes find myself enjoy playing my part more than the students!

Such a fun book. I’ve tried this book out on kids and adults and they all love it. These duets are a great way to make people of any age feel like they are playing something really impressive. They are fun to listen to and fun to play. They are just a joy to teach!

love, love, love, this book very much. my students enjoy it. a must have duet book for beginners.