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Hold On (
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Hold On is a lyrical pop solo ideal for intermediate pianists of any age. Music composed by Jennifer Eklund and part of the Dreamweaver songbook.
Hold On (Digital: Single User)

Hold On (Digital: Single User)

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Hold On (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Hold On (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Hold On

  • Great for teens and adults!

  • Style: Lyrical pop

  • Correlates to Piano Pronto method books: Movement 4 and up

  • Level: Early Intermediates and up

  • Tonal center: C major/A minor

  • Teaching concepts: arpeggiated bass line; light syncopation; ties over the barline

Additional Details

Composer: Eklund
Tonal Center: C major
Genre(s): Contemporary Lyrical, Pop-Style, Showcase Solos
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
In a collection: Dreamweaver
ISMN: 979-0-58025-001-8
Level: Early Intermediate, Intermediate
Medium: Sheet Music
Method Book Match: Movement 4, Movement 5


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Hold On is very much requested by my teen and adult students. It is great for teaching rhythms and counting. And it is wonderful to be able to buy the studio license!

I am enjoying learning to play this version of Hold On. I started with the Simplified version and have challenged myself with this version for the next few weeks.

More! I need more like this!! I have students who want to start a "Jennifer Eklund Club", whose members are "professionals" at her songs. I know you are busy, but they are gobbling these up (couldn't resist the Thanksgiving reference!)

Absolutely beautiful!! Students of all ages will enjoy playing this. Their families and friends will also enjoy listening to them play it.

Beautiful music and I will listen to it all the time.

This is a lovely piece, just right for the teen-aged, later beginner.
The preparatory exercises nicely delineate the harmonic structure,
and good practicing tips.

Perfect for busy teen girls! 14 year old student will play this for upcoming recital. She said she relates to the title “Hold On”, that it feels like her life right now. Students like pieces they can relate to.

I’m ordering this piece for my student who played “Someday” at my last recital. It is a very pretty melody and I know she’ll love it!

It’s obvious that Jennifer has a knack for writing catchy solos that students will want to practice. Hold On is no exception. I gave this to one of my graduating seniors last week and she said she couldn’t wait to get home after her lesson to play it again. One of my favorite things about this is that it comes with the prep exercises and chords. Beautiful piece that teens will enjoy playing!

I have a wonderful student who plays everything so “musically”…the music shines through her – she was playing Hold On and I asked her what it made her think of – she said that in her church there is a picture of Jesus reaching out to someone – just begging the person to reach out and Hold On to Jesus’ hand…gave me goosebumps – I love that so much!! What a blessing this song can be…thank you Jennifer!

Since I bought this piece, I have played it to about 15 of my students and have asked all of them to let me know their thoughts. Responses so far have been along the lines of… “SUPER cool” “Please can I learn this now?” “You have to let me learn this piece” “Not usually the type of song I would ever want to play, but get off my piano stool now so I can play it!”
I bought the single license user because I wasn’t sure if my students would like this type of music, or if it would be popular with them. I will be ‘upgrading’ my license with Jennifer this week as I now have a bit of a waiting list of students who are just bursting to learn it!!!!

Love this song. This song is especially great for the teenage crowd. They can really put some emotion into it. The prep exercises make it easy to learn and they catch on to the rhythm with no problem. It sounds almost like it should have lyrics. I find myself humming it a lot!

This piece has caught the attention of a heavily over scheduled but talented 11 year old girl – the more mature pop oriented tune & the glossy hard cover with Jennifer’s signature & personal message of encouragement got her on the piano bench with a fresh enthusiasm & motivation making my job of teaching her much easier!

I have several teenage girls in my studio and one of them in particular has really taken to this piece. It has really helped her to play with emotion and confidence! I love to play it and listen to it as well!

Totally love this song. It’s my new Eklund favorite…today, that is. Tomorrow it may be another song from the new Spotlight Solos Book 2. Who knows?