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Keyboard Kickoff is the first primer level book in the Piano Pronto method book series. 35 fun and motivating songs perfect for beginners of any age with no prior musical experience.

Student Books

Piano Pronto®: Keyboard Kickoff (Hardcopy)

Piano Pronto®: Keyboard Kickoff (Hardcopy)

Regular Price: $10.00


Piano Pronto®: Keyboard Kickoff (Digital: Single User)

Piano Pronto®: Keyboard Kickoff (Digital: Single User)

Regular Price: $10.00


Power Pages

Keyboard Kickoff: Power Pages™ (Hardcopy)

Keyboard Kickoff: Power Pages™ (Hardcopy)

Regular Price: $10.00


Keyboard Kickoff: Power Pages™ (Digital: Single User)

Keyboard Kickoff: Power Pages™ (Digital: Single User)

Regular Price: $10.00


Keyboard Kickoff: Power Pages™ (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Keyboard Kickoff: Power Pages™ (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Teacher Books

Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Keyboard Kickoff (Hardcopy)

Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Keyboard Kickoff (Hardcopy)

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Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Keyboard Kickoff (Digital: Single User)

Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Keyboard Kickoff (Digital: Single User)

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Piano Pronto® Keyboard Kickoff: Super Soundtrack (Physical CDs)

Piano Pronto® Keyboard Kickoff: Super Soundtrack (Physical CDs)

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Piano Pronto® Keyboard Kickoff: Super Soundtrack (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

Piano Pronto® Keyboard Kickoff: Super Soundtrack (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

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Piano Pronto® Keyboard Kickoff: Super Soundtrack (Digital Single User: MIDI Files)

Piano Pronto® Keyboard Kickoff: Super Soundtrack (Digital Single User: MIDI Files)

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Keyboard Kickoff Student Essentials (Student Book & Power Pages)

Keyboard Kickoff Student Essentials (Student Book & Power Pages)

Regular Price: $20.00


Keyboard Kickoff Student Super Pack (Student Book, Power Pages, & Play-Along CDs)

Keyboard Kickoff Student Super Pack (Student Book, Power Pages, & Play-Along CDs)

Regular Price: $34.95


Keyboard Kickoff Teacher Essentials (Student Book & Teacher Duets)

Keyboard Kickoff Teacher Essentials (Student Book & Teacher Duets)

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Keyboard Kickoff Teacher Super Pack (Student Book, Teacher Duets, Play-Along CDs)

Keyboard Kickoff Teacher Super Pack (Student Book, Teacher Duets, Play-Along CDs)

Regular Price: $36.95


Piano Pronto® Teacher Starter Pack

Piano Pronto® Teacher Starter Pack

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Piano Pronto®: Keyboard Kickoff

    • First primer level book in the Piano Pronto series (suggested for all beginners under age 10).

    • Students of all ages read on-the-staff notation from day one!

    • 35 fun and familiar tunes to build note-reading skills

    • Engaging teacher duet parts for every song (sold separately)

    • All-in-one textbook with integrated theory exercises

    • Pronto Prep sections teach and reinforce effective practice habits

    • Perfect for use with ANY student who needs a slower pace at the outset of lessons

    • Transition easily to the Piano Pronto Prelude level book

    • Students completing both Keyboard Kickoff & Prelude build a rock-solid foundation of rudimentary musical skills

    • Play-along soundtracks available (sold separately)

Additional Details

ISBN: 978-0-9899084-4-3
Level: Primer, Beginner
Medium: Hardcopy, Method Book
Method Book Match: Keyboard Kickoff


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I love this book and the whole series of Piano Pronto. This method books makes everything easy for student and teacher. I love the layout, really easy to follow with clear instructions.

My go-to book for every new student age 6 and up! I love the approach to finger numbers.

My students absolutely LOVE Piano Pronto! They especially appreciate songs that are familiar and fun to play!

Teacher duets with this book are amazing! Love the simple lay out, song choice, and flexibility. Some young students struggle with using all five fingers in each hand, so I adjust fingering and sometimes do the songs in a different order. Very flexible method.

This is a great start for beginner pianists. Much more enjoyable to students playing familiar pieces.

I have come to love this book as much as my students! I struggled for years (mostly without realizing it) with method books that take a full book to get students "on-staff". I thought they needed the extra time - until I started using this book. My students are advancing more quickly, and I love it. Even students who are a little slower get the hang of reading on staff right away with a little supplementing. My favorite part is how their eyes light up when we turn a page - so many familiar favorites, which has really helped in learning new rhythms quickly. My students love the songs!

I have been very pleased with the Piano Pronto method books. I love the fact that they start on the staff, do not use middle C position and have many familiar songs. My students are getting a great foundation in this method.

I did a lot of research when Piano Pronto first came out before I switched my students over. I am so happy with Keyboard Kickoff. It introduces staff reading right away versus the old finger number style of teaching. My students are reading and playing so much better! They are thrilled to be playing familiar songs right away and parents are thrilled with their children's progress.

Three students of mine that started in January on the prelude/Kk combo (ages 6, 9, and 10) are finished with the books. My 6 yo daughter (one of the three) is quickly catching up to her brothers, and learned more and advanced faster in 6 months than her brothers did in another method in a year and a half. She has found her passion these past few months, and it's music, greatly propelled by the availability of meaningful music at a level she can play. Her sight reading ability far exceeds that of her brothers. She also started violin a few months ago, and her musicality is being noticed by her violin teacher too.

Thank you Jennifer for helping her find what she loves and providing enjoyable music and easily observable progress to my students. I was hesitant when I started with Piano Pronto, but now there is nothing but love!

This is great to use with young beginners. The clear explanations are helpful, especially for parents who attend lessons and help with practice at home.

This has been the most successful beginner method book I have ever used in my studio. I love the heritage songs my students learn, plus there are several classical pieces. Most students are reading notes without any trouble by the end of the book, and theory concepts are included. Love it!

This is a new piano curriculum for us and so far we LOVE it!

love the songs in this book that students could relate to in their music classroom in school.

I started using this book 9 months ago with a new 7 yr old student. I am amazed at how quickly he has picked up staff reading compared to my students who are in other popular methods. He has also retained the information much better and is always so excited for his lessons. He loves the familiar songs.

I am a Canadian teacher who has switched to the Piano Pronto curriculum. I love every aspect of this program!!

I am quite certain that this book saved a 7 year old from quitting piano. The other method that I was using with her had become too overwhelming and she didn't want to advance with any new songs, telling me every week that they were too hard. Since I switched, she loves Keyboard Kickoff and loves the songs!! Thank you for this book!!

I started my 7 year old in Keyboard Kickoff and he's LOVING that he's "already reading my notes" like his older sisters and brothers. He also is totally digging the duet parts when I play with him, and requested that I record them in on the Clavinova for him to play along with. I've used Piano Adventures for a long time, and this is a breath of fresh air.

I LOVE Keyboard Kickoff! It is the perfect book for my beginner. The songs are fun and they are introduced in a simple way so that the student can start practicing by themselves at home. The songs are fun and familiar, and I appreciate the duet book that goes with it, to introduce rhythm and listening to the music.

I recently switched over from John Thompson's piano series to Piano Pronto. I started two new students, including my daughter, with Kickoff and it's been a great experience. The songs are catchy and familiar to my students. I like the way content is presented. I have one student who continually goes ahead in the book because she can't wait to learn the next song.

I love using Kickoff for my beginners. It is easy to understand and they love the songs.

I love this book for my young beginners that may be a little old for Roadtrip! but are still absolute beginners. My students love the familiar songs, the teacher duets that I play along with them, and how quickly they begin to feel like accomplished, real-life, grown-up pianists! :) And for my adult beginners that may need a little extra work at these beginning stages, this is the book you've been looking for! Moves along at a great pace, songs they like and recognize, and plenty of freedom for the teacher to customize to each student.

I start all my younger beginners in Keyboard Kickoff now and have great results. They read music competently by the end of the book, and have the ability to add simple left hand accompaniment to melodies in C. They learn some of the best traditional American folk and patriotic music, too. Best of all, they love playing the piano and feel a great sense of accomplishment!

I have an 11-year-old student who has autism. He has a fantastic ear and figures out many songs by ear. I was using another method book with him but he was struggling with note reading. I switched him to Keyboard Kickoff and saw immediate results. He is already reading more fluently after only a few weeks. I think it is the clean look of the pages, lack of distraction, simple but familiar songs, and the fact that the notes are on staff right from the beginning that really help him, along with letter names in the note heads at first. I have him singing the letter names as he plays and he is really "getting it!" Thank you, Jennifer! :D

Started my first student in Keyboard Kickoff this past fall. Student is learning skills so much more quickly than in other method books and loves the music because it makes them sound wonderful. I am excited to begin other students in this series including my own daughter!

I've taught piano for many years, tried almost every method book available, and nothing compares to Piano Pronto! My students are learning faster, retaining longer, and playing with more joy. Thank you!

The new students who I've started in this method book are reading notes and sight reading faster than with any other method I've every used in my 10 + years of teaching. This method is the closest I've found to what complements my teaching style! Love it! I'm looking forward to getting into the Roadtrip! for some upcoming younger students!

Excellent! Had a transfer student who could not read one note after two years of lessons and I went back to the basics with this book. He is now enthusiastic and not frustrated and loves piano lessons!

I have been teaching for over 20 years and have been stuck in a "method rut." No more! I have now used Keyboard Kickoff with at least 10 beginners and am loving it and having much success! I like that Jennifer gets students on the white keys right away, they are playing songs that are familiar to them, and eighth notes are introduced early on! Am really enjoying these books with my piano studio beginners!

I am so glad I found this specific book. I have a student who is a little slower in learning. But this book moves at the perfect pace for him! It moves quickly to nice sounding melodies. He gets to learn pieces that sound challenging but are very accessible. He then has a greater sense of accomplishment after he finishes learning that "hard" piece. I also like the writing activities which train younger students to analyze the piece before they start playing. Excellent primer level book!

After 20+ years of teaching (and about 15 of those in same method books), it has been a breath of fresh air this year to switch all of my beginners to Piano Pronto. The kids love playing familiar tunes, and I am so much more enthusiastic to teach...and I LOVE playing the teacher duets with them. I have comments from parents all the time about how much they love listening to the duets during their child's lesson. Highly recommend!

I really enjoy playing the teacher duets parts. A parent expressed how pretty the duets sounded even if her child was just a beginner.

I start most students off in Keyboard Kickoff now and they love it!!!! They feel successful and they can play songs from their first lesson! I really enjoy the built in theory lessons and the fact that it is all in one book! I am so glad I found these method books! Children read music from day one! I have abandoned all other methods now - the Piano Pronto books set students and teachers up for success. Also I love that I can use Keyboard Kickoff or Prelude for both children and adults because of the clean and clear layout- works for all ages and appeals to all genders. I love this method!

I started my beginning students on Keyboard Kick Off and Prelude together. To say that they are all totally excited about the book is an understatement. The songs are fun and mostly familiar. I love the mix of Classical, Original, and Folk songs. My 6 year old daughter is flying through the series!

This is a great core method book from which I work with many of my beginner piano students between ages 6-9 especially. This method makes so much sense to me and I love the bits of theory interspersed in the book. The format is most sight-reader friendly, and, above all, the collection of many recognizable songs with which one can sing along as one plays sheet music on the staff makes this book work. I like the variety of musical pieces, too, everything from folk to classical ones. Kids generally enjoy this book a lot! It does start students out with staff-reading right away.

This method book is great for any new comer to the wonders of piano who wish to take things at their own pace. This book is a great starting point! I always buy this book in bulk for my studio.

What an ingenious book this is! I have been teaching piano for over 35 years but have never had such a wonderful method book to start beginner students with! And another 'plus' is that it's also in Piano Maestro! My students are so excited to be able to play their songs from KK in that app! Thank you for such a wonderful book that starts students with reading music on the staff from day one!

I recently started using Keyboard Kickoff with a student who was struggling to learn to read music with a different beginning method book. The clean look of the pages and lack of distracting pictures on the pages, as well as the well-written music, led to an immediate, tremendous improvement in his reading ability. I highly recommend this book.

I use this book for child as well as adult and everyone loves it! It is easy to teach the beginning concepts of music and the students feel a great sense of accomplishment immediately by playing familiar songs.

This is my go-to book for students age 6-9! The students love the songs, and it leaves the teacher open to teach technique in the best way they see fit! Clean formatting, students play on the staff right away, 8th notes introduced early with counting words like quick-quick (and you can always circle back to these songs later on if the student doesn't quite catch on!)

I really like using this book with beginners. They can start playing familiar tunes and seeing progress from the first few lessons. I especially like the Pronto Prep before each piece.

I have loved this book. It is easy for young beginners. I haven't felt like I am trying to pull teeth to get my students to catch on. It makes it so simple and fun.

This is a great book for beginners! They immediately begin on the white keys reading from the staff, but it's not at all overwhelming. New material is introduced simply yet efficiently. I have begun using this book with all new students!

A wonderful beginning book that starts with on the staff reading from day one! Great for younger beginners!

I love how Jennifer builds skills from one song to the next, and spirals the learning. My students remark how they recognize chords and patterns, "Oh, I've done this before, it's easy!" Rather than a new song being a scary challenge, it's something they feel confident with and they can tackle anything "new" successfully!

I am amazed at how well my students are doing using these books! Students who were struggling in other methods are now playing so well. Beginners learn notes on the staff from the start, and eighths and dotted rhythms make their playing more interesting. The straight-forward writing makes it suitable for young students as well as adults. Recognizable tunes are a plus!

This book has been a great way to start my young students off. I love that it starts with note reading but does not overwhelm them.

I'm thrilled with this method book and how it is great for all ages!! My students actually love the theory that's incorporated into it and I love how all of the theory is applied directly to the songs!

I now start all my beginning students in this book, and I'm having great results! I love that they are on the staff from day 1. Great method.

I love this book! I have most recently used it with a transfer student who was having difficulty getting out of C position. He especially loves the duets and is unhappy if I assign him something not in Piano Pronto and has no duet.

I also love the fact that these books are in Piano Maestro.


I have found this book to be very successful with my beginning students. I have even had success starting adult students in this book. It is written in a way that adults appreciate with no "talking down" to them, and at the same time, it is so clearly written that even young beginners are able tounderstand. Love, love this book.

I have had great success with both students that I have started in Keyboard Kickoff. They are 'hooked' immediately by the catchy tunes and instant success. It's fun to see their eyes light up as they discover the magic of making music!
I will definitely continue using this book for young beginners as well as for fun sight reading for any student.

I have used Kickoff on two students so far. My daughter, who is 6 years old was sort of struggling with the note reading in later Prelude. Kickoff was perfect to give her some additional note help, while still giving her great songs. She is moving along faster now, and I will be using Kickoff for all my students under 7 I think.
I also started a 5 year old yesterday and so far so good there too! As soon as the hard copies are back in stock, I’m placing an order for more!

Keyboard Kickoff is an absolute gem for younger beginners! Having the notes on the staff with letter names has been a confidence builder for students. And, while they don’t realize it, they are actually learning them as they go. Keyboard Kickoff has filled a material void in the 5 – 7 age group. Prior to this, it was often difficult to find a book that wasn’t too challenging and at the same time too young. Keyboard kickoff is a must!

This book is great not only for use with little new beginners but also for those struggling with consolidating rhythms. The duets encourage easy sight reading & that sense of following a pulse which can be sometimes intimidating for students to attempt. I have had good success with elementary students taking a step back & having fun with following the rhythms – the spot the tune game is equally entertaining for parents who appreciate the early introduction and use of classical music!

I introduced Keyboard Kickoff to two beginning students two weeks ago. Both are 7 years old. The joy on their faces when they were able to understand the concept of a staff, notes, rhythm, etc. after the FIRST lesson was priceless. At the same time, I introduced Prelude to an additional 4 older students in the same week with equally powerful results. The methodology behind these books is by far the best I’ve seen in all my years of teaching. They capture the attention of young minds, and the familiarity of the songs encourages practice. Piano Pronto has moved to the forefront of my studio, and I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you, Jennifer Eklund!

A great book for beginners who need extra time, whether they are young or not! I am currently using this with a just-barely-six-year-old beginner, and also with an older 8-year-old girl who has spent a year in the primer level of another series but needs to practice on the same level for a while. Both girls equally love this book- the songs are fun to play, and nothing about the book says “young child.”

I am so excited for Keyboard Kickoff! What a perfect way to begin lessons on staff! I love that theory pages are included and that there is a companion teacher duet book to make it even more exciting! My students that have used it so far love the pieces in the book. It gives them a great foundation for learning to play the piano. I highly recommend. Thank you Jennifer!

I’ve only just started with Piano Pronto and I feel I already need dozens of pages to write how well thought out this series is…..over and above loving Jennifer’s approach, which is extremely well thought out in what piano should be (enjoyable, pleasant, motivating and educational) ….I have already experienced a student who was not engaged in another method but is now thriving in Jennifer’s. I just ordered more and am excited to share this wonderful series with all my students!! Try it – you will love it. ~Sherri L

This book is a great way to start young kids off on the piano. I just started a 7 year old in this book, and both her and I are loving it. I like that it moves quickly, so kids are playing the same type of song over and over, but it doesn’t move to quickly as well. An added bonus is that theory is included in the book, so there is no need for another theory book. I have a few more students starting soon that I think will do great with this book, and highly recommend it!

I have used this book for my younger students. Age 5 to 6… I love the fact that eighth notes are introduced right away. Familiar tunes for our little ones engage them to play more and the teacher duet to this is fabulous !! You will not be disappointed :))

I’m using this with beginner students, and also with transfer students to give them something fun to play while we gauge where they are. They love the familiar tunes…and I’m super excited that the teacher duets are also available

After starting a seven year old in another method book two months ago, I decided to add Keyboard Kickoff to her lessons. I was frustrated that we still were not reading on the staff and Keyboard Kickoff changed that in an instant. Additionally I love the fact that many melodies have a familiarity to them allowing the student to grasp them quickly. I am super happy I discovered piano pronto!

I have been using this book with 2 students now 7 & 9 years old and they love the book! The tunes are familiar to them so they have an idea how the songs go. Spring time is a favourite. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future as delivery to Australia is very fast!

I started using Piano Pronto about 2 months ago. I have 6 young children on Kickoff who are 5-7 years old. Hands down this is the best intro book going. These children are reading on the staff and counting numbers. They are learning quickly and love lessons and the songs. When they see songs they know in the back of the book they work harder to get there. So far “Spring Song” is the favorite!
I kind of balked a bit with the absence of left hand/bass clef. But I see that the right hand is enough to deal with for now – and that success is paramount. Meanwhile I have 5 finger exercises, arpeggios and triads in progress to strengthen both hands. Those in Movement One enjoy the familiar tunes – but I was surprised to see that songs which are familiar to us adults have not been part of this generation’s childhood – so they are now getting a boat load of songs they should be learning in school and community. I find Pronto Prep a great help. Buy the time they get to “the song” they can play it quite successfully and they fly likety split through a piece each week. One boy loves the Clementi Sonatina – and wants to try to play the original – so we’ll have a go at it. I am very happy with this series!!

I’ve searched high and low for a method book suitable for my really young beginners… and I’ve FINALLY found it!!! I love Keyboard Kickoff, and so do my students!

I started a 5 year old little girl in this book recently, and it’s great! I love how straightforward this method is and the freedom it gives me as a teacher. I also love that it has even little ones using the staff right from the start. Off the staff prereading doesn’t always help kids become better on the staff readers.

I’m using Keyboard Kickoff with 4 students right now. One of them is high functioning with autism. I had him in two other methods prior to this one, and this is the method he’s most excited about! He actually practices and his technique is even improving. I’ll never go back to other methods. Thank you again Jennifer for an excellent piano method!

I have just started using Keyboard Kickoff with my adult students and I am pleased with the results! I love this method that gets students reading on the staff right away! I also love the clean layout and straight-forward approach.

I heard great things about Piano Pronto and decided to try it with a few of my students. I got this book for my little 6 year old student who had been taking lessons with me for a year already. She loved it more than her brightly colored music course! I’ve always said the joy should be in the music, not in the colorful pages… And she proved me right! Love this course and I’m so excited how it grabs the interest of even the smallest students!

My students are jumping ahead independently. I love the initiative this music provides.

This is a fantastic book for beginners of any age. I even have a special needs student using it & he is doing wonderful! Students love the pieces & the teacher duets are second to none. Some would think immediate on-staff reading would overwhelm a 4-6yr old beginner but I have not any any issue with that. Piano Pronto gives the teacher a simple outline that allows for easy supplementation. This helps teachers completely customize the lesson experience for each individual student.

Gets them right into playing! Duet parts are really lovely too. I really appreciate the thought behind immersing the students in reading music from the beginning, rather than mnemonic devices or other needless memorizing. Thank you Jennifer!

My beginning students in Keyboard Kickoff are thriving. I love that eighth notes are introduced early and that familiar tunes are utilized. Jennifer’s teacher accompaniments are original and so much more fun than the typical method duet parts! I am definitely a fan of the series and of this starter book.

These books are the greatest. I have always hesitated to teach little ones, because other books just D.R.A.G.G.E.D….boring! We would be on finger numbers forever, then ABCs forever. With “Keyboard Kickoff”, we jump right in to notes on the staff – then eighth notes and dotted quarter notes. And the littles are GETTING IT! They may not understand the concept behind the fractions involved in eighth notes and dotted quarter notes, but they can understand the rhythm. I am thrilled, the kids are happy, and the parents are blown away. It’s a win-win for everbody.