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About Jennifer Eklund

Author: Jennifer Eklund

I began studying the piano at the age of six and was fortunate to develop my talents with many different teachers throughout the years. The instructors that managed to hold my interest were the ones who offered me a wide variety of music to explore. I have modeled my own teaching philosophy around the idea that the implementation of exciting repertoire makes practice less of a chore and leads to faster progression.

My primary teacher encouraged me to start teaching beginning level students at the age of fourteen. I was a bit skeptical because of my age but decided to take the plunge. My business started small and has continued to grow throughout the years along with my experience and understanding of a positive and effective teaching approach. During my college years I continued teaching as well as performing. After receiving my Associates Degree in Music from Orange Coast College I continued my education at California State University Long Beach where I achieved my Bachelors Degree in 2002.

After graduation I continued teaching privately and spent many years developing and testing the Piano Pronto piano lesson books on students of all ages and levels. My experience as a teacher played an integral role in the selection of material for the books as many of the pieces have been requested by my students. Arranging music has become a real passion of mine as I find it extremely rewarding to write music that is both educational and enjoyable to play. In the fall of 2008 I returned to Cal State Long Beach and completed my Masters Degree in Musicology. This new pursuit combined my love for music history, research, and writing.

In 2014 I retired from teaching in order to run Piano Pronto Publishing on a full-time basis. While it was a difficult decision, I am truly living my dream now with 110% of my focus on creating new products to benefit students all over the world. When I’m not packing orders, or networking with customers at workshops or online I spend my time writing and arranging new music. There is nothing like giving a brand new piece of music to a student and seeing their eyes light up – as educators these are the moments we live for! I do hope that you will see the same positive effects in your studio as I have in mine by implementing some of the Piano Pronto materials into your regular teaching curriculum.