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Holiday Classics is a must-have holiday book for all beginners offering 3 different versions of each carol in the same book. Arrangements by Piano Pronto author Jennifer Eklund.

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Holiday Classics (Hardcopy)

Holiday Classics (Hardcopy)

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Holiday Classics (Digital: Single User)

Holiday Classics (Digital: Single User)

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Holiday Classics (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Holiday Classics (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Holiday Classics: Teacher Duets (Hardcopy)

Holiday Classics: Teacher Duets (Hardcopy)

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Holiday Classics: Teacher Duets (Digital: Single User)

Holiday Classics: Teacher Duets (Digital: Single User)

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Play-Along Soundtracks: Holiday Classics (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

Play-Along Soundtracks: Holiday Classics (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

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Play-Along Soundtracks: Holiday Classics (Digital Single User: MIDI Files)

Play-Along Soundtracks: Holiday Classics (Digital Single User: MIDI Files)

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Holiday Classics

  • Easy Christmas Piano music ideal for all your beginning level students!

  • Three arrangements of each carol to fit the needs of all your pre-readers and beginners

    • Version 1: Includes letter names and melody only

    • Version 2: Includes letter names and added bass clef harmonies

    • Version 3: No letter names and slightly more complicated harmonies for the left hand

  • Correlates to Piano Pronto: Keyboard Kickoff and Prelude

Additional Details

Composer: Various
Tonal Center: Various
Genre(s): Holiday
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
ISBN: 978-0-9818616-9-2
Level: Primer, Beginner
Medium: Hardcopy, Songbook
Method Book Match: Keyboard Kickoff, Prelude


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Holiday Classics is my go-to book for beginners. Students who started in September can play the simplest versions. The arrangements fit nicely under the fingers, and sound amazing, and students love to “graduate” to the next levels!

These are the perfect books for a piano teacher! I can use these books on multiple levels and they all have teacher duet parts! I would like it even more if the 1st version had more notes in the left hand.

Such a great value with 3 versions of each! They are perfectly leveled to match the progression of Keyboard Kickoff and Prelude, and will last students through at least two Christmas seasons!

This is my go-to book to give students who started in September, especially sibling groups! The multi-level format is ingenious! Every student I've given it to loves it.

Has to be one of my favorite Christmas books, especially with the three levels! Even level one has the student bouncing their head with the beat!!! Great job with the arranging!!

Love this book. Having 3 levels together inspires my students to try and he more advanced levels. I’ve had amazing results with this book!

This book is a holiday staple for my piano students. It brings all the joy of Christmas in such an accessible way. Students end up performing from this book pretty quickly.

This is a fantastic book with 3 levels included! Level 1 for Keyboard Kickoff, Level 2 for Prelude, and Level 3 for early Movement 1 students. Last year I tried to save paper by printing just the level I thought the student was in, but this year I've given them the entire book and found that many students go ahead and work themselves toward that Level 3, knowing that they are successful on the previous levels. This has been a great book for my studio.

I recently bought this book for several families who have 2 - 4 students taking lessons. It is really ideal for these families since it has three levels of each song. Some of the kids are trying the easiest level first and then trying to move up to the more difficult levels. The songs are well-arranged and clear to read. This is a great all-around book for any beginning piano student.

I just started using this book with my students today. It is handy having one book with multiple levels in it. I'm not sure I really like that every note is labeled, especially for the harder versions. But I like trying new things and giving my students new experiences. I think it will be good for all of us.

**Editors note: The note names are not present on Version 3 of each carol and repeated notes are not re-labeled so students are still learning to *track* music appropriately on the staff.**

I bought this book last year. One thing I really love about it is that the duet book really works pretty much with all the songs in it. We love duets, it's a natural counting teacher! Also, I love the different levels in it so that I don't have to have a million books hanging around the house :)

This has to be my favorite Christmas book of all time for beginners. All the arrangements are great, and it is wonderful to have three levels in one book. Often a student is inspired to learn a harder version, or siblings can share a copy. I love to teach from this book!

My 7-year old student was so happy to learn "Angels We Have Heard on High" and "Jingle Bells" from this book, and it was so helpful to have the easier version to learn first before the harder one. They are great arrangements. She kept playing them long after Christmas was over!

Stellar brilliance....Levelled Christmas carols are THE answer. They love being able to work their way up to the hardest one. Thanks!

What a great idea to have 3 levels in one book!!! This collection of Christmas carols is a hit with my beginner students. They really like the fun of "leveling up". The difficulty added to the next level makes it a nice challenge by adding a few new things to the arrangement they have already learned. The levels added extra practice incentives.

This book was an absolute hit this Christmas season. My beginners LOVED being able to work through the various levels of the carols, and the duets made the pieces sound amazing at the Christmas recital. Absolutely fabulous Christmas book for beginners!

My students and I love this collection of traditional Christmas pieces. The multi level arrangements are great. It's wonderful to have them as one will be perfect for most beginner students. Some students love to start with the easiest arrangement and work their way up. Lovely. Highly recommend.

My students loved this book! They were excited when they could play the 3rd version. However, it was wonderful for my beginners too! They were so proud of their accomplishments!

The best Christmas collection for a range of beginners!

Don't let the description fool you! This is not your typical early beginner Christmas book! True to the Piano Pronto method, this book does not contain any pre-reading notation. I love that the songs do not sound over simplified. Plus, the inclusion of three different versions of each song makes it easy to find just the right solo for a student. No more juggling a bunch of books that don't quite fit what you are needing!

We had SO many students using this in the studio this past holiday season! Children AND adults love the option of having 3 different levels for each piece. This will be my go-to easy level book of Christmas songs for years to come!

All of my students love this Christmas book, and almost all students took it upon themselves and learn each and every song on their own without me assigning the pieces ... that's a big plus in my books! I would encourage all teachers to get the teacher accompaniment/duet parts as well ... awesome arrangement by Jennifer!

Simply loving this book for my beginners to 2nd year students. Perfect for the new transfers, too!

Well, there are so many awesome reviews already written .... but I just had to add my two-bits here. Love this idea. And the students love it too. It gives them multiple levels of accomplishment, much better than when we simply help them break a more difficult piece down into components so they can learn it gradually. Love this idea, especially for Christmas music.

I love this book! Version one is easy enough for my Kickoff students, but version three is challenging for my Movement One students. My students love being able to "level up" a song and I love they are able to conquer harder technique!

This book is such a wonderful resource for the Christmas season this year! A couple of my students took it home and learned version 1 & 2 of all 10 songs! I love that students who can only play 1 or 2 versions can look forward to leveling up to version 3 the following year. Thank you, Jennifer, for such a wonderful format.

I am blown away by how great this book has been in my studio this year. At first I wondered what the students would think of having 3 arrangements of each song but they really thrive on "sight-reading" version 1, then turning the page and trying it with some left hand harmonies in version 2 and taking on the challenge of version 3 next. Having the options makes them feel successful from the start and if we don't make it to version 3 on a few of songs they still have a great repertoire of Christmas music completely learned having mastered version 1 and 2. I am very happy with this book.

This is such a perfect book for siblings or for students who need a boost in confidence. They love the arrangements, and they're excited to try the trickier versions of the songs!

My students LOVE this book! My own children, who take lessons in my studio, are so excited to play these pieces, that someone is playing during all hours of the day, and long into the night. I love that the can master a simple version, and then progress to something more complex. This is one of the best collections I have seen for beginners.

This is my absolute favorite book for my students for the Christmas season. I love how there are 3 accessible levels to each song in this book and how that's really giving my students a big sense of accomplishment and pride!

This book is fantastic for beginners! I started several of my students in this book and love the flexibility to make it more difficult if the student achieves the level of the first 2 versions. A great selection of classics!

I purchased the Holiday Classics, Primer for an elementary student. Presenting three versions of each piece is a brilliant idea. It encourages a student to build on their skills and hear how each small change creates a different sound. I definitely recommend this book!

Love the Primer Holiday Book! My students are excited and motivated to move through each of the 3 levels presented (great idea!) and I’m enjoying teaching the pieces, as well. Great concept! I’ll be using these books long-term with my students. Plus, the signed copies made my students feel very special. Thanks for putting together a holiday book that truly meets my student’s needs!

I am looking forward to using Holiday Classics for many years to come with my students. The selection of music is excellent, and the gradual increase in the level of difficulty is exactly what I was looking for!

I love the layout of this book. Great idea having each song with 3 versions. Very motivating and also works well for various levels. It was a great purchase for my students transfering into Piano Pronto. Every one who purchased can play something and has songs to work toward as well.

Wonderful collection with harmonies for the primer level player who wants to play Hands Together!

The layout on this book is awesome! Every student that has seen it wants one. It boosts their confidence when they see how quickly the progress from version 1-3. I hope that you create more books like this in the future!

A fabulous book for those just starting out on the piano! My students love learning version 1 and then finding how easy it is to progress to the next level. I wish there were more books that had this format!

My students and I are enjoying this book so much! They love the challenge of wanting to learn all 3 versions! It is definitely a studio favorite!!

This book has brought a smile to my face all week! The kids are soooo excited to learn these and the progression from easy to more difficult is so awesome. Most of the kids, even early beginners have been able to transition to the version 2 arrangement quite easily and then the third version is a piece of cake by the time they get there. It’s like learning in layers!

A brilliant idea to combine multiple levels of difficulty in one book. This is a great value for the parents and a confidence builder for the student as they can “level-up” whenever they’re ready. As always, lovely arrangements…and I’m adding the secondo parts from the Christmas for Two to make an even richer student experience. Parents love it, too!

I find myself and my students continually coming back to this book. The different levels are great and the kids enjoy “leveling up” as they attempt to conquer the various versions.

I have a brand new adult student who’s principal goal is to learn Christmas music. This book is a perfect fit for her, because she can enjoy it on so many levels. She can sightread the simplest version, work on the harder version, and aspire to the most difficult version. She’s having a wonderful time, and she’s only had 4 lessons!

This book is brilliant! I LOVE the 3 different versions for each song! The beginning kids were so excited to play something with a simple left hand. Genius!

This book is awesome! I gave autographed Christmas books to each of my students for the Fall Recital; several of them were in this level. I love the fact that there are three versions to each song. The first version is just the basic melody; version 2 adds the left hand accompaniment (but still has note names as a help) and version 3 drops the note names completely. The kids absolutely love the songs; it’s February and they still want to play them. Thanks, Jennifer – you are the bomb!