Roadtrip® FAQs

Roadtrip® FAQs

Answers to all your burning questions about the Roadtrip! method book series.

What are the intended ages for Roadtrip?

Roadtrip! is a lateral series for students ages 4 and up. The series is flexible and fun allowing lots of room for creativity both on and off the bench. All four books in the series feature eighteen multi-key, primer level songs, written on the staff, that can be taught by rote, note, or finger number. While you can start a total beginner with any book in the series the Roadtrip Series Overview chart offers an outline of concepts and suggested order of books when using the entire series.

Do I need the Roadtrip! Teacher Guidebook?

We purposely opted for cleanliness in the Roadtrip! student books so they don’t include any instructions. The Teacher Guidebooks are highly recommended as they provide comprehensive lesson plans for every piece in the correlating student book, contemporary teacher duets, off-bench activity suggestions, and much more so you can be the best tour guide possible!

Can Roadtrip! be used with groups?

Absolutely! The materials in the Roadtrip series are extremely flexible and designed to be used in solo lessons, partner lessons, in groups, and are effective in both in-person and online lessons.

What book do I use after a student completes their Roadtrip! journey?

After the completion of any of these books the student is ready to move to Piano Pronto: Keyboard Kickoff. Alternatively, you can use any of the Roadtrip! books in tandem with Keyboard Kickoff to maximize the exposure to keyboard geography, basic note reading, and a variety of rhythms. Comprehensive lesson plans and teacher duets are available in each of the teacher guidebooks and the Roadtrip! super soundtracks are a fun audio essential that augment the lesson experience and fuel at-home motivation.

What are the Roadtrip! Rockstar Rally books?

Rockstar Rally Volume 1 and Volume 2 feature student favorites from the Roadtrip series but are notated on the grand staff with minimal note-name aides and include the teacher duets in the same book. Rockstar Rally books are great for students currently in the Keyboard Kickoff and Prelude books who need lateral reinforcement of their note-reading skills.

What is Roadtrip! Space Odyssey?

Roadtrip Space Odyssey is a collection of eighteen space-themed solos designed for late-beginners of all ages, including major and minor tonalities, and interesting rhythms to pique student’s interest. The teacher duets are included in the same book.