Fired Up!™ FAQs

Fired Up!™ FAQs

Answers to all your burning questions about the Fired Up! method book series.

What are the intended ages for Fired Up!

The Fired Up! Method book series, is designed for students who are early teens and up and features original compositions by Jennifer Eklund written in a variety of pop-syles. Fired Up! is a playing-based series that focuses on learning to read music, developing interpretive skills, basic integrated theory, and implements a scaffolding approach to learning new music.

I’d like to add more theory work, what should I use?

The Prelude: Power Pages work well with Fired Up! Level One and the Movement 1: Power Pages with Fired Up! Level Two. Alternatively, you can consider using the Theory Time Medallion Series, starting with the Bronze level. The accelerated pacing of the Medallion Series matches up well with the Fired Up! series.

What book do I use after completing Fired Up Level Two?

Upon completing both levels of Fired Up!, students are prepared to move directly into repertoire books that suit their tastes or move to Piano Pronto: Movement 2 if they would like to continue in a traditional method book series. Another popular option if a student is more drawn to traditional repertoire, but doesn’t necessarily need textual method materials, is to work through Songs I Love to Play: Volume 1 followed by Songs I Love to Play: Volume 2.