Licensing FAQs

Licensing FAQs

Answers to your burning questions about our product licensing options and their terms and conditions.

What types of licenses can I purchase?

Most of our digital products have both single-user and unlimited reproductions options. If you are a school looking for a school license, please contact us for more information.

What are the terms of use for SINGLE-USER items that I purchase?

Purchasing a single-user license for a piece of sheet music or book entitles you to a single print right per quantity purchased. You may use any printed sheet music or book for performances, personal use, or entertainment. You may not copy or distribute any digital products without prior consent.

What are the terms of use for UNLIMITED REPRODUCTIONS items that I purchase?

Purchasing an unlimited reproductions license for a piece of sheet music or book entitles you to print and use as many copies as you need within your studio. This license does not allow you to share files with other teachers or students outside of your studio.

Can I upgrade a SINGLE-USER item to an UNLIMITED REPRODUCTIONS license after purchase?

Yes! Just buy the unlimited reproductions item and we will automatically credit your account with the original single-user purchase price. This store credit never expires and can be used on any product on the website. Read more about our License Upgrade Program.

What can I use as proof of purchase for festival use?

All digital purchases have a custom stamp on the spine of each page that includes your order information and license type.

My purchase didn’t print properly. What can I do about that?

Please see our Technology Tutorials section for more information.

How do I send music I purchase to a student?

Please see our License Management Tutorial for more information.