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Piano Pronto®: Prelude (
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Piano Pronto Prelude book is a primer level piano lesson book for beginners of all ages with no prior experience.

Student Books

Piano Pronto®: Prelude (Hardcopy)

Piano Pronto®: Prelude (Hardcopy)

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Piano Pronto®: Prelude (Digital: Single User)

Piano Pronto®: Prelude (Digital: Single User)

Regular Price: $10.00


Power Pages

Prelude: Power Pages™ (Hardcopy)

Prelude: Power Pages™ (Hardcopy)

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Prelude: Power Pages™ (Digital: Single User)

Prelude: Power Pages™ (Digital: Single User)

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Prelude: Power Pages™ (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Prelude: Power Pages™ (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Teacher Books

Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Prelude (Hardcopy)

Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Prelude (Hardcopy)

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Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Prelude (Digital: Single User)

Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Prelude (Digital: Single User)

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Piano Pronto® Prelude: Super Soundtrack (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

Piano Pronto® Prelude: Super Soundtrack (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

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Piano Pronto® Prelude: Super Soundtrack (Digital Single User: MIDI Files)

Piano Pronto® Prelude: Super Soundtrack (Digital Single User: MIDI Files)

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Prelude Student Essentials (Student Book & Power Pages)

Prelude Student Essentials (Student Book & Power Pages)

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Prelude Teacher Essentials (Student Book & Teacher Duets)

Prelude Teacher Essentials (Student Book & Teacher Duets)

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Piano Pronto® Teacher Starter Pack

Piano Pronto® Teacher Starter Pack

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Piano Pronto®: Prelude

    • Primer level book in the Piano Pronto series

    • Suggested use with beginners with some prior experience or beginners age 10+

    • Students read on-the-staff notation from day one!

    • 32 fun and familiar tunes to build note-reading skills

    • Engaging teacher duet parts for every song (sold separately)

    • All-in-one textbook with integrated theory exercises

    • Pronto Prep sections teach and reinforce effective practice habits

    • Accelerated pacing is perfect for use with teens and adults

Additional Details

ISBN: 978-1-942751-02-1
Level: Beginner
Medium: Hardcopy, Method Book
Method Book Match: Prelude


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This method is fantastic and my students of all ages love it. My students are also much stronger sightreaders because of this method book.

My students all love Piano Pronto and have been progressing rapidly through this book. They love the songs, especially when we play the duets together.

My students all love Piano Pronto and have been progressing rapidly through this book. They love the songs, especially when we play the duets together.

My adult students have especially loved this book! And it's a great review book for transfer students. Love using the RH only pieces to explore composition by learning to arrange LH or change the RH to minor keys.

This book is loved by students of all ages. The familiar tunes give confidence and enjoyment to the beginner student.

I use this method with my class piano beginners. They love it. The songs are recognizable and easy to learn. They practically beg me to let them take their books home to play for mom and dad. The songs are short which makes for quick success and motivation to keep going.

Simply put - students love these songs! Because so many of the songs are familiar, this makes a great core book to build rhythm skills quickly, developing note reading and ear training. I have used this book several times with transfer students, and they love how quickly they can move through the book (and I love that we are rebuilding a great foundation for the later levels). Wonderful resource!

Great piano method to get students playing rhythmically and expressively right from the start.

Three students of mine that started in January on the prelude/Kk combo (ages 6, 9, and 10) are finished with the books. My 6 yo daughter (one of the three) is quickly catching up to her brothers, and learned more and advanced faster in 6 months than her brothers did in another method in a year and a half. She has found her passion these past few months, and it's music, greatly propelled by the availability of meaningful music at a level she can play. Her sight reading ability far exceeds that of her brothers. She also started violin a few months ago, and her musicality is being noticed by her violin teacher too.

Thank you Jennifer for helping her find what she loves and providing enjoyable music and easily observable progress to my students. I was hesitant when I started with Piano Pronto, but now there is nothing but love!

I love the pacing and songs in this book! Students finish this book with a strong grasp on reading music. The teacher duets are fun to play and make the student sound awesome!

great book for beginner adult student, also great for beginner adult who took other instrument in high school (e.g. fluent in reading treble clef but not bass clef)

My adult student has loved this book. She especially loves that she knows most of the melodies.

I have used Prelude for many of my transfer students. They love the songs and are progressing so much quicker than in their previous methods. The Pronto Prep sections are a wonderful aid to help my students learn the tricky parts without feeling like they need to play the whole song start to finish.

I like how you give students training in alternate fingering through the Prelude book. The first time through the book we use the fingering of their choice. After completing the book, we go back through and play selected pieces with the alternate fingerings.

I switched over from Alfred to this - so much better in every way! This book is perfect for the older beginner without overwhelming them, PLUS I use it with beginning adults! They can learn at a comfortable pace without stressing out, like they did with the other Adult method books.

I had a student who was struggling along with Alfred; we had been on Book 1 for over a year, got about mid-way through and everything was a struggle. I switched her over to Piano Pronto once the 'Alfred fatigue' was nearing critical and the difference has been amazing. She reads better, her left-hand work has smoothed out, she's finally playing rhythms correctly. She's happier, I'm happier. I thought there might be some difference, but I never dreamed that it would be this much. Thank you!

I recently began teaching private piano again after several years doing group classes using Musikgarten. A friend recommended these books, and I have loved using them. I'm choosing to review this one because it seems to be the best book for all of my students above age 8 who are brand new to the piano or have only had a year or two of lessons. I love the no-nonsense approach that is also fun, and the teacher duets are phenomenal. I love that all the books (except Roadtrip) are available on PianoMaestro for the iPad. The only thing I would like to see is more songs in different keys so early beginners don't get locked in C position. I've taught the Musikgarten method (which begins in the key of D!) for years, and my students have developed an amazing ability to transpose songs without blinking. I will probably start assigning my students to transpose some of their favorite songs into different keys both by ear and by writing, in order to develop that skill early. Thanks for providing an excellent book and method!

What exciting materials! Whether I'm working with an 8-year-old or a 50-year-old these songs are fun to play. I have taught for over 30 years and I'm thrilled to be using a method that pretty much guarantees success for a wide variety of students.

I started using prelude with a 7 year old student of mine who was struggling with notation but had a wonderful ear. I really like that the first few pages are reviews for her and then it goes into familiar songs for her to play. Thank you for creating a great book for us teachers!

All my students switched to Piano Pronto. They find it very interesting and they are willing to practice!

A great sequential book after Keyboard Kickoff. I have used this book successfully with a young piano student of mine, age 8 now, who has been working her way through every piece over the past year. She hasn't gotten tired of this book and has been so self-motivated to take on as much of it as she can way beyond her assigned homework. In it, there are a lot more recognizable songs to which one can sing along. So happy with this book!

I started using Prelude a year ago and am gobsmacked at how quickly my pupils are learning to play and how well they are reading music. It gives them a flying start to their piano education and they just zoom through the book.

I've been using this book with young and old alike! Just today, a middle-aged woman began lessons with no prior knowledge of music. She's absolutely tickled that she was able to play the first 7-8 pieces during her first lesson! She was so excited to walk out with her new PP Prelude book to practice and play out of!

I love this method! Every student that I have transferred and begun in this series has had success and enjoys the music so much. Prelude is a great 2nd book in the series, providing a great review to the foundation already laid in Kickoff. I highly recommend!

I have had several students that are reluctant to play out of a book without the note names. Prelude transitions them into pure note reading with confidence.

I have recently begun transitioning my students into Pronto from another method series. In just a few weeks I have seen greater enjoyment of playing and improved note reading, especially by younger students in the earlier volumes such as Prelude. I am eagerly anticipating great progress in my students this year with Pronto!

I slowly transferred all of my students into this method over the last year and into this book, and they have all loved it! Students and parents recognize many of the tunes, and the teacher duets are great. I am starting new students in this book now, with great results! Thank you, Jennifer!

This was the perfect start for my 11 year old beginner. With a very clear font, uncluttered pages, and a quick progression to hands together chordal arrangements of folk songs the 'Prelude' gave this student great satisfaction. From early on his desire to play these tunes caused him to explore and work through the book independently. I feel this book has resulted in excellent practicing habits for this student.

Love this method. The songs are engaging to my students. I love that it begins on the staff and introduces eighth notes and dotted quarter/eighths very quickly.

I have an 8 year old student that struggled through the primer level of another series. I decided rather then to continue struggling through the series I would try something else. That is when a fellow piano teacher introduced me to Piano Pronto. This book has been perfect for him. I love that everything you need is in one book so that it is simple and easy to understand.

I have loved using this book over the past year with my students. I find it moves at just the right pace for my beginners starting at about age 9. They like the familiar songs and the speed at which they progress. After we get to a point they know enough harmonic intervals in the left hand we go back to the beginning and add chords to the beginning songs and start transposing. I like that I can use this book and the rest of pianopronto as I see fit. I like the clean pages and that they fit my 9 year old students and my adult students. I often use Prelude and Keyboard Kickoff in tandem for students that need more time to learn note reading or rhythm. They work well together.

I have just recently introduced Piano Pronto into my studio and I love the clarity and simplicity! Whenever a Piano Pronto student comes for a lesson I breathe a sigh of relief. It is more enjoyable than the other methods I have used. I see more excitement and progress in these students. I can't wait to get all of my students switched over.

My students and I absolutely LOVE this book. The layout is very comprehensive, the goals easy to interpret, and practicing has been made simpler. One of my students who rarely practiced recently switched to this book and has been begging for more and more each week while practicing every day. Thank you for writing such a great method book for this age group!

I started using Piano Pronto to couple of my students several months ago and my students love the pieces, nice & familiar tunes. And I like that fact that there are no pictures to distract the students. And love that the format, the layout is straightforward.

I recently started an adult student in this book who was coming back to piano after many years. He loves it! And said "I know what you mean! Once you begin in this book, you can't help but want to keep turning the pages and play every song." This method has been fabulous and all my students love it who have been playing from it!

I've switched most of my 30 students in Piano Pronto and the transition is going well. HOWEVER, the biggest thrill for me is starting out a new student.... 3 months into lessons and she already has a deeper understanding of piano, fingering, and artistry than many of my students who have been taking for 2-3 years. Loving Piano Pronto and Prelude is the perfect start!

I am really enjoying using this book with some of my students. I have had several who were losing interest, and switching them into this book has helped to revive their love for piano. Thank you! I am looking forward to exploring more and more of your music this next year!

Piano Pronto is amazing! I have started all my new students in the Prelude book for the past year now. They love it! I have seen a better practice rate, more enthusiasm and less arguing about practicing with their parents. Thank you!

I love using this book to start off students who are a little older or have some but limited experience with piano. This is a great starting book for them and the songs are fantastic. I am very pleased with Piano Pronto method as a whole, my students love it and progress rapidly.

I have recently switched some late beginners to this book and am amazed at how much their practicing habits have improved! The students enjoy the recognizable melodies and are eager to demonstrate how well they've learned their assignments from the previous week.

This has become one of my favorite teaching books. I have started several students in this book now. Quicker students move through it quickly because they enjoy the songs. My slower-learning students love the songs and are challenged by playing them over and over as duets and with Piano Maestro.

My favorite use for this book has been with one of my students with autism, who had stalled out and become frustrated with every other book I tried, but who loved the songs in this book and has now finished it! He can truly read notes and rhythms well now, where before this book, he could not reliably identify middle C. He loves music, and I am so glad that I could use this book to keep him feeling successful.

Prelude is an amazing book. My students love to play each of the songs. They are SO excited when they turn the page and find a song they know, and they practice them over and over again. Love this!!!

My new student and I used your Prelude book today. It proved to be a great fit, and Maddie was particularly pleased (she literally gasped and squealed with delight) when I turned the page to reveal that Jingle Bells was the next song in the book! It’s mid June, so her reaction was especially fun. Love that you’ve got so many familiar tunes in this method. Thanks, Jennifer!

I have been looking for a method book that made sense and was easy to teach from, and got students playing REAL songs from day one. I think I’ve found it with this book! I love the VERY simple instructions and sequential learning. But most importantly…I love that the student is reading C position from the staff so QUICKLY. Other method books take weeks!! Thank you, thank you for this approach.
Kelly Koch
Minds on Music LLC
Gulf Breeze, FL

I have been searching for years for a method that uses children’s & folk songs & classical music! I’ve found it in Piano Pronto! The only reason I don’t give it a ‘5’ is because all of the pieces are in the key of ‘C’. I believe that it is important to start children out from the beginning using a variety of hand positions & keys. Thank you, Jennifer!

Piano Pronto gets students playing real songs and reading music FAST, yet at a pace they can handle…even the younger students. There isn’t a lot of moving around right away, which can be very confusing to students when they are learning to play. I find they become more confident when moves and new notes are introduced slowly, so the fact that they are playing a lot of songs in C Major is a plus for my students. Their beaming smiles and eagerness to learn more is priceless! Thanks Jennifer!

Have you ever had a student who is filled with music but struggles to “read” the notes? You know there is music in his head, music in his body and music in his soul but he just can’t connect the dots. I have a student who is in 3rd grade and I was determined not to give up on him. I have tried various methods and finally found PIANO PRONTO – PRELUDE!!! I purchased it and shared it with Jackson. He was so excited because the initial pages were free from lots of distractions. Concepts were presented in a concise way so as not to overload him. I truly think there is some dyslexia going on and he could focus on the concept and was instantly successful. He is motivated and now loves to open his book and see what song is coming next.
I have purchased PIANO PRONTO 1 and 2 and I am moving many of my students to the series. Thank you Jennifer for following your heart and creating a curriculum that works!
Tami Nobles

The folk songs in Prelude are presented in a fun way. I love the way students are able to play with a full sound when the left hand is added. I had a student today who hasn’t been practicing tell me she couldn’t stop playing Brother John and I know it was because of the CG in the left hand felt like a bigger piece than she had ever played. I also like the gradual introduction of intervals played together in the left hand. The student has great success because once they learn the left hand intervals they are used to the end of the book. We also sing the songs a couple of times before playing so the student will be familiar with them and hopefully sing them at home. Students actually try to work ahead. One boy in my class went ahead to Rain, Rain Go Away because we have been having rain. Folk songs and classical music go together. They have stood the test of time and should be taught and passed down to future generations.

I was having a little difficulty keeping my 6-year-old son motivated in piano. Just switched to this book with him and he loves it! I love how there are so many songs that are familiar to him. That is a big motivator for kids! He is practicing so much more now and moving through the songs very quickly!

Piano Pronto Prelude is the best first piano method book I have found. Students of all ages in my studio enjoy it; they are motivated to practice because the familiar tunes are fun to play and sound good!

I started using the Piano Pronto method of piano this January and put several beginners in Prelude. I was amazed that they could really play from Day One from notes written on the staff! The students who are in this book/method are more motivated than students who are working in traditional method books. They are so excited about each new song and most ask for more! Another great thing about the Piano Pronto method is that there is so much supplemental music at all levels for those students who just can’t learn fast enough! I highly recommend this method. I am transitioning students who are in the middle of another method over to Piano Pronto as fast as I can!

I have been so surprised at what a difference using Piano Pronto music has made in my little studio. I downloaded Primer and printed it out. I have just been letting students take home one piece to work on and the bring it back to play it on Piano Maestro. After 10 or so of my students tried out several songs, I am ordering hard copies for most of them! I imagine I will eventually have everyone using Piano Pronto. I just wish I had discovered this gold mine sooner!

Thank you Jennifer – awesome method book! I say ‘method book’, but this hardly feels like one because students have so much fun with it and progress quickly. It gets students playing music they enjoy right away. It works out great with buying the digital version as well – don’t have to pay shipping which is especially nice if you live far away. I plan to continue using this method. Each week my student comes in saying – ‘I just LOVE this piece’. So glad I discovered Piano Pronto!

I teach two brothers 7 and 9 who were just not real excited about piano. Their mother said they wanted to play songs they know. Right about that same time, Piano Pronto was introduced to me in a FB group. I gave Prelude a try and they love it! I have them doing PP and Piano Adventures together and when they come to lessons, they normally tell me that they didn’t really practice anything except PP! I now have all of my students using a PP book. thanks!

I just received this book and showed it to one of my adult students that I just started teaching. She was so excited about recognizing all of the songs in it and wanted to start playing the songs in the book! I’m also going to use this book for a student I teach with learning disabilities, as I’ve heard many suggestions for using this book for him. Thank you!

My only regret with Piano Pronto is that I didn’t discover it sooner! I am so pleased with the results. I’ve started a few new beginning students in the Prelude book and they are playing fabulously (including a teenage beginner). I appreciate the comprehensive layout and the presentation of new concepts.

While teachers often praise the Prelude level for how fast students can fly through the pieces, it is also nicely paced for students who need more time to learn and apply musical concepts. One particular student comes to mind: a late elementary school-aged transfer student who retained almost nothing of what she had been taught by her former teacher. At her initial lessons with me, we went back to the very basics of music reading, and I used my own materials instead of any particular published piano book or method. She is now at the stage where the pieces in Prelude make sense for her – and she enjoys them and is motivated to practice. As her teacher, I particularly like the “Now It’s Your Turn” and “Pronto Prep” introductions to new concepts and applications.

I started a new adult student in the Primer. She told me she didn’t want classical music but things familiar to her. The Primer book was the perfect fit…and lo and behold she discovered not only was a lot of classical music familiar to her but she also really loves it. Now she’s all classical…not jazz, ragtime, or new age. Thanks to Prelude she discovered not only is she NOT too old to start piano but she also found her passion for classical music! She quickly gained confidence in herself and the pacing and variety of the music is excellent.

My favorite new method for students is Piano Pronto. The Prelude book is a great way for beginner students to learn and maintain interest through songs that they recognize. What impresses me most is that most weeks a majority of new students return for their lesson having tried even more pieces on their own. I will continue to use this gem for my new students!

My students love this book, and it isn’t uncommon for them to do more than I assign them! I love that different rhythms (such as dotted quarter and eighth notes) are added so early. The kids are plenty capable to play them since they are already familiar with the songs. This is my go to method book now for beginning students.

I ordered the prelude book just to check it out, but have found it be the answer I was looking for for several of my current students. A few of my beginners were not having much success with the other method I was using, but since we started Piano Pronto things are improving! The only thing I would change is the use of the word “strike” in the instructions. I prefer word choices that encourage dropping into the keys and discourage pushing, pressing, and pounding. I am excited to see how my students continue to progress with Piano Pronto!

I recently came across this site and decided to try it. I started an older beginner in this book as a trial to see how I like it. I have to say I am very impressed with the materials so far. This is a perfect fit for my student and she is really enjoying it. I look forward to trying out other materials and expanding my use of your books with more students. Thanks so much for all your hard work on these books and supplemental pieces.

I love, love, love these books! I especially like that the students learn eighth notes so quickly; it makes the music so much more interesting right away. Thanks, Jennifer, for providing us with this awesome resource!

Prelude is fabulous! It moves quickly, but is not overwhelming to the student. I had switched from Faber to Alfred complete for most of my students because the Faber was incredibly slow at teaching important concepts such as eighth notes. However, my students didn’t like the Alfred music because it is so outdated (I’m 31 & remember playing the same songs w/the same graphics when I was a kid). Pronto is the best of both worlds. It does allow the students to learn concepts on an accelerated pace, and the kids absolutely LOVE the music so when they go home, they practice! I now put ALL new students in Pronto.

I have been using this prelude book as sightreading during lessons to try it out with my students before switching them over. Everyone loves it and the problem is, several of them have just started a new book in their other method book. They all want to switch now!

Piano Pronto is the new “Golden” treasure of all treasures for piano teachers!! The more I do work with this series, the more I want to revamp my studio and get everyone on board! Many transfer students have come my way this year and this has been a lifesaver. No more spinning wheels on my part!

Ive been slowly transitioning my students to Prelude and so far I have seen nothing but amazing results. The students are really enjoying the book and they have so much fun learning and mastering all the pieces we have done so far. I have been using this book with students who are both Adults and Children and both equally love it as much. Thank you Jennifer Eklund for bringing Piano Pronto into my life, as a teacher I can never thank you enough

I had a student who getting so bored with the songs and the pace in his other method book. I put him in Prelude and he couldn’t stop playing these songs! He was struggling with reading, and he’s doing a lot better now!

This is such a fantastic book. I am using this with a student and she loves all the songs and knows them!! I think a book like this brings up their confidence as they are familiar songs. I am so glad I found piano pronto!!

I have used this book with an older beginning student. He progressed through this book very quickly and yet there were challenges along the way that made him really practice. I like the book because of its clean simple layout and music that any age can appreciate. I also like the duets that can accompany this book because they make the songs sound terrific even at a beginner level. I plan to use this book with all of my beginning students!

My piano students’ parents are so impressed with the lack of frustration this music book provides. Way to go, Jennifer. All the concepts build well.

I am so excited to try this new series with some of my students. I love the mix of old standby’s and new pieces. All concepts are explained well and move at a great pace for students.

This is my go-to book for adults (and children transferring from another methods primer, and children old enough to skip Keyboard Kickoff). It’s perfect for Adults who are returning to piano after years of not touching one. It’s perfect for adults who already know how to read music but have never learned piano. The reason my newest adult student is taking lessons from me, is because of how I teach: with familiar tunes and music! That is what Piano Pronto is all about, and it works!

One of my first students to transfer to Piano Pronto came to the “prelude” level from My First Piano Adventures Book C. The transition was easy and successful. Approximately the first third of the book served as a review and the remainder presented new material. Love the student and teacher parts (sold separately) and will use this book with other students in the future.

My children, ages 6 and 8, started piano lessons at the beginning of this school year. I am so impressed with how much they have already progressed in under six months! The Piano Pronto book is exactly what they needed for their best start with the piano. It helps that we have a stellar teacher, of course, but this is really a terrific book. My mom (who went through years of piano lessons with 5 kids) heard my six-year-old play last week and couldn’t believe it. This is an excellent program, and I highly recommend it.