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Piano Pronto Movement 1 is a beginning level piano lesson book for beginners of all ages who have completed the Piano Pronto Prelude book.
Piano Pronto®: Movement 1 (Hardcopy)

Piano Pronto®: Movement 1 (Hardcopy)

Regular Price: $10.00


Piano Pronto®: Movement 1 (Digital: Single User)

Piano Pronto®: Movement 1 (Digital: Single User)

Regular Price: $10.00


Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Movement 1 (Hardcopy)

Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Movement 1 (Hardcopy)

Regular Price: $10.00


Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Movement 1 (Digital: Single User)

Piano Pronto® Teacher Duets: Movement 1 (Digital: Single User)

Regular Price: $10.00


Movement 1 Essentials (Method Book & Teacher Duets)

Movement 1 Essentials (Method Book & Teacher Duets)

Regular Price: $20.00


Piano Pronto®: Movement 1

  • Designed for beginners who have completed the Prelude book

  • Students continue to explore music outside of 5-finger positions

  • Page count: 80

  • Scales and key signatures are introduced for C, G, and F major

  • 28 fun and familiar tunes to build note-reading skills

  • Engaging teacher duet parts for every song (sold separately)

  • All-in-one textbook with integrated theory exercises

  • Pronto Prep sections teach and reinforce effective practice habits

  • Accelerated pacing is perfect for use with teens and adults

  • Play-along soundtracks available (sold separately)

Additional Details

ISBN: 978-0-9818616-1-6
Level: Beginner, Late Beginner
Medium: Hardcopy, Method Book
Method Book Match: Movement 1


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Great continuation from Prelude. The songs are pieces that my students are excited to play, especially the Fur Elise at the end of the book.

My students are enjoying the patriotic, classical, and folk music included in Movement 1! They especially love moving through the book and finding a fun arrangement of Fur Elise at the end! Students have been flying through this book!

I switched to Piano Pronto about a year ago. I have several students moving from Prelude to Movement 1. They are so excited to be playing this excellent variety of classical, folk, and patriotic music. It is very motivational, and many weeks I find that they are moving ahead during the week. This is a great method series.

So rewarding to see students can't wait to work on new songs, or the next book. The Piano Pronto series have made learning as well as teaching piano a joy.

I LOVE Movement 1 from Piano Pronto for so many reasons. Great music, uncluttered black and white pages, steady progression of concepts, and awesome teacher duets! This is by far the best method book I have ever seen for this level. It is so much fun to teach from. My students and I absolutely love it! You will never return to the other methods after using this. It's that good!

I started several students in Movement 1 in the past few months. Every one of them is enjoying the variety of musical styles in the book and is progressing at an excellent pace. I highly recommend Movement 1!

I love how much this book teaches musicality. The Pronto Prep suggestions and ideas provide a great place to stop and discuss musical concepts that take the music a step above.

Love this book. The Pronto Prep pages are helpful when students start to learn the pieces. Students enjoy the music.

Students feel just enough of challenge (finger independence) yet the preparation exercises separate from the music, teach students to learn the process of learning a piece.

Just moved my student over to piano pronto instead of the other standard method books. I am so excited and so is she because she is sick of using method books that very few pieces that she knows.

I use this series to supplement, and my students enjoy playing songs they recognize. It is great for lateral work to reinforce concepts, prepare for the next level, etc.

I recently switched several students to Pronto method books. I've noticed that some of the boys really enjoy Movement 1, especially the patriotic songs like This Land, Star Spangled Banner, etc. They are very motivational!

My students love this series! This book is awesome because they are playing so many familiar classical pieces!

This is an awesome series. The kids are learning by leaps and bounds - and recognize most of the songs (which makes it way more fun!)

Movement 1 flows right out of Prelude or Kickoff. It is a very easy transition to a new book.

I am very excited about this method book series. The songs are familiar and move at a great pace. I have enjoyed Ms. Eklund's solo music, but I am hugely impressed with this series. My students are motivated and looking ahead for the next songs. I have been using Piano Maestro on the Ipad and that's what prompted me to use this initially. I'm SO glad I did!

Was losing the interest of my 3 grandchildren. Switching to this method book has rekindled their interest. The melodies are catchy or familiar. Layout is great.

I switched over my 8 yo to this method book after he completed his second Alfred book. He is flying through it, and enjoying each song!

I love the uncluttered layout, the familiar tunes and the large print. My adult students love the Movement 1 book.

My students and parents love this book! They are familiar melodies with great technique included. A mother said, "I love hearing her play now!" Also, the duets are a must!

This book has TONS of songs that are familiar. Not necessarily to the children, but especially to adults, WHICH means that adults know what the child is playing and praises them. My 11 year old FLEW through this book because he could play "Name that Tune" with grandma, friends, aunts and uncles. Or when he plays they would say, "Hey! I know that song and I love it!"

I have loved this book because my students like to practice the songs. I also like the practice sectionals before each song. Thank you for your great arranging!

I absolutely LOVE this book for my older kids and adult students. Moves along at a good speed without skipping over any big topics. Definitely recommend!

My students love this book! It has all their favorite songs and the duets are gorgeous, very beautiful music - I enjoy playing them too! I l have also noticed that students start progressing much faster than on other method books and become more motivated. Thank you!

I switched an Adult beginner over to Movement 1 because she was having trouble reading. She loves this book, and it is really helping her learn to read. As she puts it, "It's so easy to correct your mistakes when you know the song and hear the mistake. If it's a made-up song for the book that no one has heard before, you can practice mistakes over and over again because you just don't KNOW."

I switched a 7 year old boy into Mvt1 from a different method book last week. His mom was very concerned that we also finish the old book, but he liked his new Pronto book that he left the old one at home! He practiced a ton and he loves his new music! Thank you Jennifer!

The review questions are very helpful for teaching students!

If you are tired of old method books and looking for materials to teach older beginners, this is the perfect book It has familiar tunes to so that they can play something they know in a short time. Bravo !!

My students are just SOARING since moving them into Piano Pronto! They love playing melodies they recognize and are therefore more inspired to practice! The music in Piano Pronto gets them playing with a big sound early on (INSPIRING) and introduces new notes slowly (CONFIDENCE BUILDING). I have had students in the past (in other methods) who freeze up when it comes time to play hands together – Not in Piano Pronto! I moved them into the Prelude Book and in just a week, they are playing Brother John with a whole new confidence! The rest is history! LOVE Piano Pronto for my studio!

I recently started transitioning several students over to this series once they finished the primer of an older method I was using. The students really enjoy the familiarity of these pieces. The Pronto Preps before many of the pieces are great drill to help the students prepare for their new assigmment. New terms and concepts are clearly laid out for easy student comprehension. I’m glad I have learned about Piano Pronto’s wonderful resources for my students!

A fantastic method book! I have transferred 7 of my students (both children and adults) on to this book already and within 2 weeks I have seen brilliant things! The amount of practise they have all done has been incredible and we’ve had great fun in the lessons learning these songs.
The Pronto Prep’s are really helpful as they allow the student to practically learn the song in sections with separate hands. All of the younger children have been amazed that when we turn the page we discover that they have already learned the tricky bits in the Prep! They have also found that when they attempt to play the song after practising the Prep it is much easier and far less daunting for them.
One of my adult students said she loved the book so much that she was going to recycle her old method book the minute she got home as she never wanted to see it again after playing from Movement 1! She said that she really loved that the songs weren’t too tricky but sounded like ‘real songs’.
Happy Students = Happy Teachers! – Keep up the good work Jennifer, we love these books!!!

I am a retired middle school music teacher who transitioned to teaching piano this past year. I wish I had known about the Piano Pronto series from the very first day I started teaching. I have a few “reluctant” students who were dragging along in another series, but perked right up and learned the songs I assigned them from Piano Pronto. I am so happy to see my kids “show off” what they can play. Thanks!

I am so glad I found Piano Pronto. Today my transfer student had her first lesson with me and we learned the first two songs. She loved them! Mom and her were very happy. I have also switched my own kids to Piano Pronto Prelude and Movement 1 as soon as the book arrived; and they loved it immediately because of the familiarity of the songs. I will gradually switch all my students with Piano Pronto and definitely start my future new students with this. Thanks Jennifer!

I am switching from a big time main stream method. Here are my reasons why I choose Piano Pronto, and having the Movement 1 in my hands really gets me excited about the switch. 1. PP is simply laid out, perfectly clear to the student. I’ve had enough of colorful methods with reminders written up and down in and around the music, because kids can’t focus on the main things! It gets confusing. PP is not confusing. 2. Clear black and white font and type. Leaves room for teachers notes and markings! 3. PP is one page to the next, with a clear pedagogical purpose. Flipping for one book to another and trying to keep technical exercises with the right lessons makes me go crazy and my students don’t make the connection very well. I am perfectly capable of teaching technique with out flipping through frog illustrated books. PP lets me use my own creativity and pedagogical skills. And 4. Eighth notes are taught right from the beginning as well as other important aspects of music (pronto prep is genius), so the student can play music how it should be with their already internalized rhythmic familiarity. In the other method, I was writing in dotted quarter note and eighth notes over silly and boring quarter note rhythms in level 2 so the student could play it how they should (ode to joy). So, bravo Jennifer for creating a method that I am so ready to use! It’s going to make a difference.

I have moved nearly all my studio to Piano Pronto, and many students are using this Movement One book. Because Jennifer’s songs move along quickly in difficulty, many students went from a shaky level 2 in another series to a solid level 1 in Piano Pronto, and are enjoying making music now. The rhythms are repetitive and catchy, which really captures their attention when it comes time to practice: they WANT to get it right, and the repetition helps them be self-aware when they aren’t right.

I absolutely love this method from Jennifer Eklund! I have switched several students over to this method and they tell me they love it. The music keeps them excited to learn more and they love to practice now.

I have been teaching for many years and love Piano Pronto. I recently started a new student using Piano Pronto and it was so refreshing to hear “This is easier than I thought it would be.” I am so used to the students being overwhelmed and glassy eyed as they leave their first few lessons because of information overload. The same information is presented in such an logical and easy manner that my students seem to get the idea intuitively. Love it.

I put a beginning middle schooler in this book hoping she would find it more sophisticated than other beginning method books. She did! We are halfway through it now, and I can see that her music-reading and comprehension are right on target. I so appreciate this series and find it interesting that so many of my students are beginning to prefer it to other publications.