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End Game is a fast & flashy showcase solo ideal for late beginners of any age. Music by Jennifer Eklund. This version is part of the Songs I Love to Play Volume 1 songbook.
End Game (Digital: Single User)

End Game (Digital: Single User)

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End Game (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

End Game (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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End Game

  • Great showcase piece for a festival or recital

  • Special features: easily taught by rote; lots of hand crossovers

  • Style: Minor key pop

  • Correlates to Piano Pronto method books: Movement 1 & 2

  • Level: Late beginners

  • Tonal center: C minor (with no key signature)

  • Teaching concepts: hand crossovers; easy syncopation; position shifts using finger numbers

Additional Details

Composer: Eklund
Tonal Center: C minor
Genre(s): Fast & Flashy, Halloween, Pop-Style, Showcase Solos
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
In a collection: Songs I Love to Play: Volume 1
ISMN: 979-0-58025-000-1
Level: Late Beginner, Early Intermediate
Medium: Sheet Music
Method Book Match: Movement 2, Movement 3, Fired Up! Level Two


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This piece is still a favorite in my studio! I had three of your original hard copies left, and had TWO students ask for them today :-)

I had a student do this for the spring recital and it is a very impressive sounding place. The student loved it! I have now assigned it for another student since it's now a NFMC Festival piece and she was so excited to get to learn it, too! Definitely going to be a student favorite in my studio!

Every student I've given this song to has loved it, and often their siblings have wanted to learn it after hearing it. Great composition, Jennifer!

Impressive, easy to learn by rote, and is a perfect first recital piece for my tweens and teens!

This a studio favorite that everyone wants to play. It is so wonderful to see the excitement that each student has when they master this piece.

Nearly every single one of my students is chomping at the bit to learn this piece! As soon as they hear it played by one student, they all want to play it. It's a great piece to teach by rote if the note reading capability isn't quite there because it's so rhythmic and catchy. You and your students will love it!

Every late beginner boy student has loved this song! I assign a page at a time and they are BEGGING me to go on to the next page at their next lesson! Easy to memorize, flashy sounding, and loads of fun! This has been a hit in my studio!

My student that played this piece really enjoyed it. He started practicing more.

The patterns in this piece make it easy to learn. The fancy hand-over-hand makes it fun for the student. The movement in the melody makes it fun to hear. BEST. STUDENT. SONG. EVER.

This piece is phenomenal. It's been the big hit at my recent studio recitals- the song that people were most impressed by and left humming. This piece really motivates and inspires my students to practice- I very highly recommend it!!

This piece is a must! It saved at least 2 of my students who were about to quit piano lessons.
Can be taught by rote too, what is great (most of my students are early/late beginners). My student (14yo) who started taking piano lessons 3 months ago performed End Game at her first piano recital. We both received so many compliments! :) Thank you, Jennifer!!!

Awesome student saver! The patterns make it easy for the student to learn, and yet it has a mature sound to it. Great for reviewing syncopation. I love using this with my early intermediates that are struggling a bit. End Game is a confidence booster!!

End Game is, hands down, the best student saver piece I've ever had in my studio.

Lauran (my student) says: “I like End Game because it kind of flows and that makes it fun to play. It reminds me of a lullaby – a mommy singing her baby to sleep – baby wakes up and mommy sings again because it is calming at the end. It is very fun to play. The dynamics and the flats make it dramatic.” Lauran already said she is playing this at her next recital and she can’t stop playing it.

“End Game” is a hit in my piano studio! The repeated patterns, exciting rhythms and cross-hand playing make it sound and look harder than it is to play. A high school student asked to learn “End Game” after hearing the student before her playing it. Both left their lessons excited to practice the new piece!

When I heard the original version of End Game, I was bummed because it was such an awesome piece and I knew it was going to be too tough for my students! So you can imagine my excitement when Jennifer released this simplified version. It is still a little tricky in parts – my student found the dotted quarters and the ties a little tough to work through – but because of the intriguing melody, it’s all she wants to work on!

This is from one of my early intermediate students: “I LOVE THIS SONG! The title is so mysterious and brings up many questions. It totally fit the “personality” of the song. After I got the first few notes, the song just flowed out of me. I was able to play this song right away A+++!”

Love it! Got it today! I think my students will like it too!

I tried this on my favorite student yesterday–my son! He loved it because he said it reminded him of “Minecraft.” If you have a student who loves Mincraft, this would be a perfect choice!
Another winner from Jennifer!

My 9 year old daughter picked this up within 3 days & played it down the phone to her granny from Australia to Ireland – granny was mighty impressed it was such a beautiful moment thanks so much.

One of my students has been working on this and has really enjoyed it! She likes the repeated patterns and that is sounds harder than it is to play. The syncopated rhythms were challenging but she felt a sense of accomplishment when she finally mastered them!

Great piece of music! Especially for boys! This was an awesome student saver for a 10 year old boy transfer student. Thanks, Jennifer!

Great piece for boys and girls. Sounds like a movie theme. They can impress their friends with this fun piece. One to get them to the piano just so they can play it for the day.

Beautiful melody! My students really like it!

This is a studio favorite and regularly requested by students. There’s always one student playing this at EVERY recital. Super fun, and cleverly arranged in a way that makes it *sound* much more difficult than it actually is. A big motivator for every student!