License Management FAQs

License Management FAQs

Answers to commonly asked questions about using the License Management system.

Why is it important to license products to each student?

Assigning products to each student ensures that the student’s name is stamped on printed copies of the digital products in order to satisfy any festival or adjudicated event requirements surrounding the use of online digital purchases. Additionally, our license management system helps you keep track of what music you have bought for each student in order to respect the copyright of our composers and arrangers.

Do I have to provide an email address when I create a student?

You are not required to enter an email address for your students. You can enter their first and last name only if you just need their name on the printed music, however the student will not receive an email with links for them to download or print the music at home. You can add an email address to a student at a later time.

Can I change a student’s name or email address?

You can change or delete the student’s information up until you’ve assigned them their first product. After you’ve assigned a product to a student, you cannot change or delete the student’s information, except to add an email address if you did not add one initially. If you have created a student in error, or need to correct their information after you’ve assigned a product to them, you must contact us in order for us to change the information manually.

What happens if one of my linked students changes their name or email address from their account?

If a student has an account and is already linked to your teacher account, they’re able to change their email address and stay linked to your teacher account. If the student changes their first or last name in their account profile, their name as you entered it when creating the student record is what will always be stamped on the printed music.

My student selected an account picture I don’t like

You can override the account picture your student selects by clicking their picture on the Student Management screen and selecting a different picture. The student will still see the picture they selected, while you will see the picture you selected.

If I mark a student inactive, do they lose all their music?

No. Once you assign a license to a student it cannot be rescinded and you will not be able to re-assign that license to another student, unless you purchase another single-user or unlimited reproductions license. If you have accidentally assigned a product to the wrong student, you must contact us in order for us to unassign the license.

Is there a limit to how many students I can assign?

There is no limit on the number of students you can have. Creating students is absolutely free to do, and we don’t charge any fee per each student you have.

How many copies do I get for duets and trios?

For duets you will receive two assignable copies, and for trios you will receive three assignable copies. This means that in addition to your reference copy as a teacher, you can assign the product to each of the students who will be using the piece.

I’m trying to assign a license to a student but I don’t see their name in the “Select student” dropdown

Make sure you have added the student in the “Student management” tab and that they are listed under the “Active students” or “Pending requests” category. If the student is under the “Inactive students” category, you can go to their student record, press “Edit student”, and mark them as active.

If you still do not see the student in the “Select student” dropdown, make sure you haven’t already assigned this product to the student. You cannot assign the same product to a student twice.