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Fur Elise Duet (
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Fur Elise, a perennial favorite, arranged here as an evenly-leveled duet for two late beginners. This duet by Jennifer Eklund will delight students and audiences of all ages.
Fur Elise Duet (Digital: Single User)

Fur Elise Duet (Digital: Single User)

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Fur Elise Duet (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Fur Elise Duet (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Fur Elise Duet

    • Style: Evenly-leveled classical duet

    • Correlates to Piano Pronto method books: Movement 1 & 2.

    • Level: Two late-beginners

    • Tonal center: C minor

    • Teaching concepts: legato phrasing; hand shifts in L.H. using fingering; easy syncopation; ties over the barline; collaborative work

Additional Details

Composer: Beethoven
Tonal Center: C minor
Genre(s): Classical
Instrumentation: Evenly-Leveled Duet, Piano Duet
Level: Late Beginner
Medium: Sheet Music
Method Book Match: Movement 1, Movement 2, Fired Up! Level Two


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Love it!! Where have I been??

Two of my slightly older students (middle school & upper elementary age) are playing this together at our next recital. The middle school student said, "That's actually pretty cool." He's played the Movement 1 version before, so this is a step up for him! They are both excited to be playing this. The duet is a great way to let two students play this piece, without having it repeated on a recital (because let's face it, everybody fights over this well-known piece!).

Loved by all of my students! This is a great arrangement of a beloved favorite.

I played this piece with a beginning adult student at a recital. She really enjoyed playing a familiar tune, but at her level. And she felt accomplished playing something that sounded more difficult than it was!

This song was so much fun to play with my student at our recital. She was so excited about it she learned it very quickly and was eager to play it for the recital. Thanks for a great piece.

This is a definite recital crowd-pleaser. Having kids learn and perform duets together is such a great way to teach them how to work together and develop their playing and listening skills. I like how in this duet the melody gets passed between secondo and primo so both players get turns being the spotlight and the background.

My piano student picked this song as her gift from me (her piano teacher) for her 10th birthday. Once she heard the recording, she was SO excited and couldn't wait to begin. The reading is a little above her level, but I know she will work hard to master it - she wants to play it for our recital in a month and a half! I will have to leave another review once she's finished. Thank you for sharing such awesome and inspiring music!

Put this piece at the end of your recital and watch your families say WOW. You will be the buzz of the town!!

I really enjoy the unique, original sound of this arrangement. My 9-year-old student was excited to play this well-known tune, and it was easy to learn!