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Spotlight Solos Volume 1 (
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Spotlight Solos features 10 of Jennifer Eklund's most popular original compositions for late beginners through early intermediates.

Student Books

Spotlight Solos: Volume 1 (Hardcopy)

Spotlight Solos: Volume 1 (Hardcopy)

Regular Price: $10.00


Spotlight Solos: Volume 1 (Digital: Single User)

Spotlight Solos: Volume 1 (Digital: Single User)

Regular Price: $10.00


Spotlight Solos: Volume 1 (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Spotlight Solos: Volume 1 (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Play-Along Soundtracks: Spotlight Solos Volume 1 (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

Play-Along Soundtracks: Spotlight Solos Volume 1 (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

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Play-Along Soundtracks: Spotlight Solos Volume 1 (Digital Single User: MIDI Files)

Play-Along Soundtracks: Spotlight Solos Volume 1 (Digital Single User: MIDI Files)

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Recordings: Spotlight Solos Volume 1 (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

Recordings: Spotlight Solos Volume 1 (Digital Single User: Mp3 Files)

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Spotlight Solos Volume 1

  • NFMC Bulletin Book 2017-2020

  • Showcase style pieces for late beginners of all ages

  • Pedagogically-sound pop-style music your students will be proud to perform

  • Songs include: Someday, End Game, The Return, No Limits, Super Spy Guy, and more…

Additional Details

Composer: Eklund
Tonal Center: Various
Genre(s): Contemporary Lyrical, Jazz & Blues, Pop-Style, Showcase Solos
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
ISBN: 978-0-989-9084-7-4
Level: Late Beginner, Early Intermediate
Medium: Hardcopy, Songbook
Method Book Match: Movement 1, Movement 2, Movement 3, Fired Up! Level Two


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End Game takes the cake with my students! Love the progression of this book and pairs nicely with movement 1 or 2.

This book has all of the best pieces for early intermediates and I recommend this book for any of those early intermediates.

This book has all of the best pieces for early intermediates and I recommend this book for any of those early intermediates.

This is a favorite for my students! There is a great variety of styles, and the songs do not progress too fast so they can usually go right on to the next song. I have a recital in the spring and there are going to be 6 songs from this book in the recital.

My students love the pieces in Spotlight Solos 1. They are exciting, motivational, and contain many technical and pedagogical gems. A real winner!

This is my favorite of the Spotlight books! Every piece in this book is loved by my students! They're so much fun to play and they sound very impressive, but they're a quick study for my students, which encourages them in their piano studies!!

Had to purchase more copies of this book for my students participating in NFMC for the first time this year! End Game is a winner for my students!

Lots of fun and challenging pieces in this book. Very appealing to boys especially!

Great collection of pieces that sound more challenging than they are. My students are bursting with confidence when they can play these pieces!

This amazing collection of songs will have your students practicing for hours!

This has been a winner over and over again with my students. Young siblings can't wait to get to get started on the songs and sometimes we have a bit of a war with who will play what at recitals from this book!

My students LOVE this book! I love that it has so many different styles of pieces that there is something for everyone in this book. It's definitely a win-win for teacher as well as student!

This book is literally a "student saver" in my studio! I had a busy teen that was very uninterested in playing the piano for awhile, but her parents wanted her to keep going. She started learning the songs from this book, and her entire outlook changed! She learned almost every song in the book!

One of the best supplemental solos books I have ever purchased for late beginners! I am able to teach so much about jazz to my students from this book, not to mention expression, dynamics, lyricism, movement between positions, even composition. Plus I have never had students like so many of the compositions as in this book!

Spotlight Solos Volume 1 is a wonderful book for your studio library! I suggest this to all my late beginners because there is something for everyone in it. My personal favorites are Someday, Super Spy Guy, and The Chase. I highly recommend this book for your students!

Fabulous and fun are two words which describe these amazing solos. One of my students who has been dragging her feet in her piano studies for a long time has a renewed energy and loves her "Jennifer Eklund" music. Thank you for infusing energy into my students' repertoire! I think it's safe to say that all of my students playing in this method/series are enjoying their playing so much more!

Spotlight Solos Volume 1 is a collection of fabulous solos by Jennifer Eklund that are great for all ages. The variety of styles makes this book so appealing to teachers and students. Elementary age students, teenagers and adults all love this book. It is my "go to" book for almost every student.

This book is AMAZING! I have two students who were practicing "okay" but when I gave them this book, it's like they were lit on fire!! One of my students is playing faster and practicing more than she has all year and is excited to play the piano again! THANK YOU JENNIFER!!

An excellent book for piano students. Attractively put together in a sight-reader friendly layout. I have an early intermediate, male teenage piano student who digs the pop-inspired sounds in here a lot!

This is the best "fun" book ever! My kids get so excited when they received it and I play a couple of the songs for them. Thanks, Jennifer, for making teaching piano such a joy!

An adult male student of mine that was just given Spotlight Solos Vol 1 yesterday (I assigned him 'Someday' to play) just texted me this morning to say: "I have a question for you -am I supposed to be having tears rolling down my cheeks while I'm playing this music? Oh, my God! -it goes right to my soul. Thank you for introducing me to this!" Enough said?! This book has been a HUGE hit with SO many students of mine!

Spotlight Solos are the perfect 'spark' to either motivate students or give those already engaged an extra challenge! These pieces are also GREAT for talent shows and showcase programs!

Great book for my Mvt. 1 students. Some pieces are more challenging then others. However, these songs introduce syncopation in an easy way. The songs sound difficult, but with a little work they are VERY doable and sound sophisticated!

This has become the book I pull for my "tweens" when they get stuck in a rut in their method books. Time and again, these pieces have gotten students excited about practicing again!

I bought this book for my daughter, who I also teach. It has been fun to see her get excited about playing the songs. She has had a hard time choosing which one to learn first for the recital because she loves so many of them.

Do you have tween and teen beginners in your studio? When they reach that Late Beginner level, introduce them to this book and you will have all smiles. The music is very appealing to all ages, but especially the tweens, and will give them "cool" pieces with which to impress their friends!

I'm so grateful for this book! My students are so motivated and excited to learn the songs in it-everyone ooo's and ahh's over End Game and the other songs-what a fabulous collection! I've also been very pleased at how it's helped my students develop a much better sense of rhythm, especially with syncopation!

This book has saved so many of my students! Each song is a winner and builds beautifully on each other.

A book filled with "student savers"! Each song in this book is fun and energizing. The kids love the variety and challenge of this book - a great buy!

My students and I absolutely love the songs in Spotlight Solos Volume 1. Even before they have reached the halfway point in Movement 1, they are ready for End Game in Spotlight Solos. Every song in this book has been a hit - filled with energetic, dynamic, and surprising music certain to delight any student and audience. It is a major part of my studio's success - engaging music is essential, and this book hits it out of the park :)

Outstanding supplement book. These are wonderful songs that my students love. Great songs for tweens, teens and adults.

Impossible to recommend this enough! I haven't found a student yet (especially teens) who hasn't fallen in love with these pieces!

My students just love these songs. They have used them as their recital choices and the audience is always so impressed! I also use this book with my adult students. One of my adults texted me after practicing The Return and said "I love this song!"

Monday, Ian came to his lesson with 3 of these songs perfect! This was in addition to his assigned pieces. My students love these songs and so do I.

Can’t wait to teach these fun arrangements! My students will be thrilled!

These solos are WONDERFUL. I love how accessible they are but sound “hard” and are really contemporary sounding. My students have enjoyed them immensely! I have decided to invest in the unlimited reproductions option due to their popularity. More, please!

These pieces are so inspiring for my students! In several cases, a student who had all but given up on piano turned into an excited, inspired pianist after learning one or more of the pieces in this book. Highly recommend!

My first purchase from Piano Pronto and I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about teaching these pieces! So far I have only been able to teach them in the lesson (and not assign them as homework) as I *stupidly* bought the single license user. Definitely buy the unlimited if you’re thinking of buying as all of your students will love these songs! This evening I had a student dancing behind me (with imaginary maraca’s) whilst I played her Spanish Dance! A few days ago I had another student play End Game in the lesson – he honestly couldn’t believe that he was able to play such a “cool sounding song” in the space of one lesson.
These songs sound much harder than they actually are which I think will give my students great satisfaction. Can’t wait to upgrade my license with Jennifer so I can begin teaching these songs properly.

Sold out of my original order of multiple copies. Ready to order more. Songs are accessible AND fun to play and hear! Keep writing, Jennifer!

Very motivational pieces! Will use it for all my students.

I love the chase and end game. Its sound motivates my practicing. I could not stop playing all the songs in the book. Keep writing Jennifer. Love all of your music.

I gave this book to one of my students at the beginning of the summer. She came back the next week with the entire song I had assigned learned, plus had started working on another song. This was a student that usually practices only twice a week. Since starting this book she’s practiced almost every day. It is definitely a student saver!

What an awesome collection of songs! After playing just one of the pieces, my students are hooked and want more. Thank you, Jennifer!

This book offers a range of level of songs for all types of students – favourites are Someday, End Game & The Chase – the accompanying back stories with these pieces really catch students attention and imagination when used alongside the Dog Days book! My students love showing these pieces off at recitals and to friends and family – it makes them appear very accomplished!

My 11year old student BEGGED his mom to buy him this book after trying the solo version of ‘No Limits’! This is the same student who wanted to quit two weeks ago because none of his friends take piano….a cool song goes a long way in motivation, so he is going to love learning the rest of these great songs!

I have a VERY picky 16 year old student that will literally not play a single note of a song she doesn’t like. It’s always been a struggle with her. She recently switched to piano pronto & is loving the new lesson book. When I showed her this book, Spotlight Solos, she was actually THRILLED! She said she couldn’t wait to go home & play the songs. She even said “Someday” was so beautiful that she “almost cried” listening to me play it for her. I’m sold on these books! I’m probably going to end up purchasing an unlimited reproduction of this one. These songs would be wonderful for recital music as well.

After reading the glowing reports from other teachers, this fall I tried your Spotlight Solos with the students that “can’t find time to practice”. Well, all of them have practiced the pieces from this book each week! This are among my “go to” supplemental books from now on! Thank you!

I am amazed, my students are amazed at my ability to pick “cool” music . . . do I have to tell them that you are the one that put it all together? These pieces are a wonderful addition to reinforce, supplement and build a wonderful recital repertoire!

I have a number of students playing from this book and they all (boys and girls) love it!! It is motivating for me AND my students. The pieces are Exciting and Fun!! Thanks Jennifer!

Awesome book!! My daughter, who has repeatedly told me she hated to play the piano, loves the Chase and has been practicing everyday on her own for the last two weeks. She is auditioning for fall concert in school. I will have her play the entire book. The pieces are so motivating and much fun! Bravo, Jennifer!

I have a 13 year old boy in this book. He was about ready to quit piano because he was not finding the music interesting. Then we tried this book. He loves it and plays each song continually, adding the next one to his growing repertoire. Thank you!

These solos are Great!! I have an 11 yr. old student that never seems motivated to practice his “method” book songs. So after I heard Jennifer in Houston at the convention I decided to try this book out with him. Wow, what a difference in his attitude!! He has already learned the first 3 songs in the book and loves them! I highly recommend this book!!

I ordered 2 of these books. BIG mistake – I should have gotten the studio license or stocked up in hardcopies! Every student seems to love at least 3 or 4 pieces in this book (each student loving different ones), and they are coming back the next week with the entire song learned as opposed to 1 or 2 sections learned. Motivated students make me a happy teacher, so I’ll keep ordering more of this book!

These solos are incredible! Jennifer, you never disappoint. The few students I tried these with love every single song! It has been the biggest motivator to all of our piano lessons. I’ll continue to order more of this book and I’m looking forward to introducing the Spotlight Solos 2 when the hard copies are available!

This was a breakthrough for one of my adult students! She had a musical background, but was never thoroughly taught piano lessons. It was a bit of a struggle to have all of the knowledge she did, and not be able to apply it. There was a huge difference in her playing after being assigned “End Game”. Thank you Jennifer, for creating songs that students actually enjoy playing!!!

These are recital ready pieces for your students. I can’t imagine this music not being part of my studio now.

All the pieces from this book are well-loved by my students! Students come back very happy week after week as they all love the catchy tunes and enjoy playing each and every one of them. Parents are delighted as their kids are practicing at home on their own all long. These are also great for recital performance.

All of my students love this book. They really enjoy the way these songs sound and and very driven to learn them.

My daughter loves your writing style! Ever since her piano teacher introduced her to this book, she has progressed considerably! Thank you so much! We are ordering Vol. 2 now.

The songs in this book are so ridiculously popular with my students! Someday and End Game are the current favorites in my studio. Every student sent home to practice just one page of the song comes back with the entire song learned, hands together, notes and rhythms impeccable. And some of these students happen to be my “non-practicers”… but no longer! Now they love practicing and their piano lessons!
Love also that there are recordings available online for my students to listen to–almost all of them take advantage of that to help in understanding the rhythms.

Amazing songs that sound lush and difficult, but are very easily grasped! This pieces have saved several of my teenage beginners who wanted to play “real” music from the very first lesson. This is one of the few collections I own where my students WANT to play every. single. piece.

This is such a fabulous supplemental book. This book is not only great for the traditional young student, but my adult student is thriving. She loves the great sounds, harmonies and texture. Most of all these pieces are just fun to play and to listen to. Fun for the teacher and the student, double win!