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New Horizons songbook features contemporary lyrical piano solos composed by Jennifer Eklund that are ideal for intermediates of all ages.

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New Horizons Songbook (Hardcopy)

New Horizons Songbook (Hardcopy)

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New Horizons Songbook (Digital: Single User)

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New Horizons Songbook (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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New Horizons Songbook

  • NFMC Bulletin book 2017-2020

  • Page count: 64

  • Lyrical, showcase solos ideal for intermediates of all ages

  • Great for use as church offertory music, weddings, parties, etc.

  • Especially enjoyable for teens and adult students

  • Nine original solos by Jennifer Eklund

  • Three stylized arrangements of “Canon in D”, “Auld Lang Syne,” and “Greensleeves”

  • Modern styling with lush broken-chord accompaniments

  • “Hand-friendly” pieces all include fingerings and dynamic suggestions

Additional Details

Composer: Eklund
Tonal Center: Various
Genre(s): Contemporary Lyrical, Pop-Style, Showcase Solos
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
ISBN: 978-0-988-6406-7-2
Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Medium: Hardcopy, Songbook
Method Book Match: Movement 4, Movement 5, Finale, Encore


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This is one of my go-to books for church and weddings. The music is so reflective and easy to listen to.

Excited that this made the NFMC list! Sailing, Beautiful Memories, Journey's End and Winter Reverie make my performing set lists often and the Auld Lang / Simple Gifts medley is thoughtfully arranged! Enough fingering / dynamics to get a quick start, and intriguing enough melodies to want to pour all sorts of nuances into your playing as you go to them over and over.

This is a songbook that I very much enjoy! It is full of beautiful and memorable pieces. Highly lyrical pieces allow for delicate, sensitive playing such as "Sailing," "Beautiful Memories," "Journey's End," "Winter Reverie," and more.

I just gave this to a middle school boy who needs some challenging and interesting music. He loved it.

I love teaching these pieces! My teenage students love these songs...therefore they practice these pieces...a lot! Reflections, Journey's End and Winter Reverie are the top favorites! Thank you!

When students reach the level to start on New Horizons, every one of them gets a copy. I love that this collection includes easier pieces and builds to more challenging pieces which allows room for growth. Each piece is beautiful in a true "Eklund" style. Another favorite I highly recommend!

My students just love ALL of the music in “New Horizons.” It’s a big hit especially with the middle school and high school students who play standard classical repertoire but also really enjoy playing Yiruma, David Lanz, Einaudi etc.. We had our spring performance not too long ago and one of my senior “boys” played Journeys End (it was the ending piece of the recital)) He performed it with such musicality, expression and passion that he had an entire row of mothers in tears because they were so touched:-). At the lesson after the recital I always ask my students of all levels which pieces, songs were their favorites.(I teach voice too) and 90% of them chose your piece. It was fun to actually show these kids the sheet music(because naturally they figured it was FAR too difficult for them to EVER play) and then to have the light go off in their heads when they realized that it really wasn’t too “difficult for many of them. A true teaching moment presented itself when they understood that yes, your piano compositions are beautiful, but that making beautiful music is far more than just playing the correct notes and rhythms. They understand that now and I thank you. Laura

I handed this book to one of my adults last night and told her that she was going to love this book. I played through several songs while waiting for her to get here, she was in traffic and 10 minutes late! I love it, the songs sound beautiful and more advanced then they are. That is the key!! Every book I pick up of Jennifer’s, I love more than they other one!! So happy I have found you!!

This book is the perfect supplement to use with intermediate students, especially if you are looking for contemporary-sounding music that is appealing to any kind of listener. Jennifer’s pieces are so pianistic and the scores are clean and clear. I gave this book to an intermediate student today and asked her to sight-read two pieces near the beginning of the book. She LOVED the sound of those pieces and is super motivated to start learning those pieces as well as the rest of the book!

This New Age Solos book is a wonderful book with many interesting and beautiful pieces in it. My favorite is Guiding Light, which I have used as an offertory solo in church. I also liked Winter Reverie, and the Auld Lang Syne/Simple Gifts medley is very unique and a great arrangement! It has a little bit of everything in it. Teen students will love this book!!!

As a piano teacher, I love this book for its variety of moods and techniques it employs. It’s a great book for ME to sit down with and play when I’m in a terrible mood! For my teen students, this book has been a shining light in their repertoire choices – they’re always asking to play another Eklund piece. I like them playing these pieces because it sounds great, fits under the hands very easily, challenges them rhythmically sometimes, and motivates them to practice. This is definitely a great investment for any studio with intermediate- to advanced-level students!

I had a former student ask me to play at his daughter’s wedding reception 4 days before it was to take place! These songs were perfect. Easy enough for me to learn the whole book in that short time, but pretty and soothing and nice background music.

I ordered this book for two brothers but tried it out myself first. I was sad to give it to them, so I have to order my own copy. The music is beautiful and fun to play. Thanks!

I ordered this book for my older students but I think I will enjoy playing it just as much.