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Morning Stretch (
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Morning Stretch is a lyrical contemporary arrangement of Grieg’s Morning Theme and is part of the Dog Days songbook. Music by Jennifer Eklund.
Morning Stretch (Digital: Single User)

Morning Stretch (Digital: Single User)

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Morning Stretch (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Morning Stretch (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Morning Stretch

  • Style: Contemporary lyrical

  • Correlates to Piano Pronto method books: Movement 4

  • Level: Intermediates

  • Tonal center: C major

  • Teaching concepts: lyrical long phrases

Additional Details

Composer: Grieg
Tonal Center: C major
Genre(s): Classical, Contemporary Lyrical, Easy Lyrical, Pop-Style, Showcase Solos
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
In a collection: Dog Days Songbooks
Level: Early Intermediate, Intermediate
Medium: Sheet Music
Method Book Match: Movement 4, Movement 5


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I love this arrangement! Lush harmonies, but still patterned and easy enough for an early intermediate. This is one of my favorite teen student-savers.

One word for this beautiful arrangement—-inspired! Even Grieg himself would agree. I I can’t wait to share this with my intermediate students who don’t want to play classical music. This will change their mind. This makes me want to check out her other arrangements of classical music. Bravo Jennifer!

A beautiful modern twist on an old favorite! Both teens and adults in my studio love this piece and they are asking for more. I cannot wait for the rest of the collection.

Upon first playing, I loved the expansive feel of the bass clef open fifths that fit so well under the hand of beginners. The left hand often moves step-wise giving students for whom this may be on the difficult side, a chance to read it intervallically. The right hand melody explores Grieg’s theme at a leisurely pace. The harmonies are rich with 7th and 9th chords, leaving me pleasantly surprised at the new direction Ms. Eklund has given to this familiar piece. The fingering & dynamic suggestions are well-selected, and not overdone. A few standard Italian terms that should be understood by students at this level are given. No pedal markings are given or suggested, but this piece certainly gives developing pianists a chance to practice their legato pedal technique. The piece moves effortlessly between C+ and F+ followed by an extended period of beautiful ambiguity before finally bursting into G+. I would recommend this piece for early intermediate students. I wouldn’t hesitate to give it to intermediate and late intermediate students with a challenge to play it as sensitively as possible and with proper balance to bring out the right hand upper-note melody. A very enjoyable piece!

Just heard “Morning Stretch” and I’m inspired to play this piece. Lovely arrangement – sounds rich and so smooth. I believe I will enjoy playing this one, as it’s arranged so well and I can just hear myself adding all the emotion into it as I play. Well done Jennifer! More Please!

A contemporary take on a very familiar tune. It works beautifully! Nicely done. Keep them coming!