Don't Get it Twisted (

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Don't Get it Twisted (
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Don’t Get it Twisted is a fun and lively minor-key showcase solo for late beginners of all ages. Great piece for working on phrasing and proper articulation techniques. Part of the Easy Spotlight Solos songbook.
Don't Get it Twisted (Digital: Single User)

Don't Get it Twisted (Digital: Single User)

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Don't Get it Twisted (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Don't Get it Twisted (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Don't Get it Twisted

  • Genre: Fast and flashy showcase

  • Correlates to Piano Pronto method books: Movement 1 & 2

  • Level: Late-beginners

  • Tonal center: C minor

  • Teaching concepts: Staccato; Legato phrasing; pedaling; finger independence

Additional Details

Composer: Eklund
Tonal Center: C minor
Genre(s): Classical, Fast & Flashy, Showcase Solos
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
In a collection: Easy Spotlight Solos
Level: Beginner, Late Beginner
Medium: Sheet Music
Method Book Match: Movement 1, Movement 2, Fired Up! Level Two


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I've had several students learn Don't Get It Twisted. They've all loved it! It has a catchy tune, and is great practice for technique without them knowing it. Love the "twist" at the end!

My student ROCKED this at the spring recital! SO fun to play and an audience favorite as well!

This is one of my favorite solos. I like how it uses the motive from Solfeggietto. One of my students is learning it for the Spring recital. Highly recommended.

So cleverly written and impressive sounding! My students LOVE this piece.

Definitely one of my favorite new Piano Pronto pieces. So cleverly written - my students are loving it!

This sounds so impressive but it's is absolutely attainable to a young student. It fits really well under the hands and it's a blast to play!! I have a student in the middle of Movement 1 and he took this home and had it learned AND memorized in a week!

I love as a teacher that I can use this piece with students that want to use Solfeggietto but aren't quit ready yet. Solfeggietto (in Piano Pronto Encore), is always a student favorite so you can be confidant that students will love playing Don't Get Twisted!

I have a feeling this song will be the new End Game! I had a picky student light up when she heard the piece.

It's amazing to sit down with a student and see them 'light up' with excitement about a piece! That happened last night when I played this for a 9 year old student! I can't wait to hear her play it next week! Thanks for writing music that is so fun to teach!!!

I love how you used the beginning motive of Solfeggietto! I'll play Solfeggietto for my students after I give them this piece. It would be fun to include performances of both pieces at a recital. Great work, Jennifer!

This rating is made from my hearing of the piece! I know just the student who will love this, and I can't wait to show it to her!