Piano Pronto®: Theory Workbook (
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Piano Pronto Theory Workbook offers 100 essential reinforcement theory worksheets for beginning level students.

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Piano Pronto®: Theory Workbook (Hardcopy) **PERMANENTLY OUT OF PRINT**

Piano Pronto®: Theory Workbook (Hardcopy) **PERMANENTLY OUT OF PRINT**

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Piano Pronto®: Theory Workbook (Digital: Single User)

Piano Pronto®: Theory Workbook (Digital: Single User)

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Piano Pronto®: Theory Workbook (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Piano Pronto®: Theory Workbook (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Piano Pronto® Teacher Starter Pack

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Piano Pronto®: Theory Workbook

    • Designed for beginners using Prelude, Movement 1, and Movement 2

    • 100 exercises covering basic music theory fundamentals

    • Multiple exercises in a variety of categories include: note reading, rhythm principles, interval identification, terminology, keyboard layout, and more!

    • Use as a basic theory review course for any student no matter what method you’re using

Additional Details

ISBN: 978-1-942751-13-7
Level: Primer, Beginner, Late Beginner
Medium: Hardcopy, Workbook
Method Book Match: Keyboard Kickoff, Prelude, Movement 1, Movement 2


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I love that this book is written in "worksheet" style! It has provided excellent reinforcement and review for my students!

This theory book teaches the most important concepts thoroughly and gives lots of exercises on each page. I have found that it helps to cover gaps that I don't realize are there, or even to introduce new concepts that will soon be used in a piece.

This theory workbook is different from correlating their books from other methods. Clean concise pages with emphasis on all beginning concepts. I can skip around and use what is needed with each student.

great theory books for middle school students, easy to understand instruction with example given.

This book is perfect for my younger students to review all theory concepts they learn during their lesson. The layout is simple and does allow for jumping if you wish.

I have homeschool students that get no music theory in school. I started one in it & he loves it. I am now ordering for more of the homeschool students.

I love the format of this workbook! It is straight forward and easy for any age student to learn from!

This theory book compliments the Piano Pronto lesson books nicely and gives great supplemental material. My students have enjoyed working through this.

I have been VERY happy with this collection of theory exercises. It is clear cut in design and in the instructions. I have used it with students quite diverse in personality and preferences, and it has been a win!!

I have really come to love the Theory workbook! The amount of repetition that the students get on basic skills has been very helpful for my young beginners!

Currently using this on a student in Prelude, love that I can skip around. Really helps supplement reading skills.

Love this book! It's clean and easy to read. Some of my students like coloring on it to make it "pretty" and others love the straightforward approach. Great for ADD students (or teachers like me) who can't tolerate pages with a lot of visual pollution. Two thumbs up!

I absolutely love this theory book. So clean and easy to understand. Perfect workbook for any beginner! Thank you Jennifer!

I am starting all of my students in this method book! The layout is great; there is not a lot of distraction with pictures everywhere. The content is wonderful. The directions are easy to follow, and there's lots of review. Overall, it's great!

I love how the Theory workbook is not tied directly into the lesson book (page by page as in other method series). I can pick and choose what I supplement and when. The directions are simple and easily understood by the student which allows for individual thinking and independent work.

Finally! A versatile theory workbook with more substance than fluff! Layout is clean and concepts are presented in a clear manner. This workbook is excellent for ANY beginner student, regardless of the teaching material being used.

I love this theory book! I have a few students I have had for a few years and finishing theory has always been a constant battle. I thought I would try out this book, and one of them finished 20 pages in one week! Can't wait to see more.

Jennifer’s Theory book is excellent! The material covered matches the essentials for students to understand the basics of each of the songs, but at the student’s own pace – it doesn’t have to match the book. The concepts are clearly presented & the review is thorough. I am excited to use this book with more students in the future.

I really like the theory workbooks as a supplement to the Keyboard Kickoff and Prelude books. I like that they aren’t too “childish” and they are very straightforward. Sometimes, I skip around and do certain ones with certain songs. The kids are really enjoying the Piano Pronto series.
I highly recommend getting the Theory Workbook to go along with the lesson books. It’s so important!

This theory book is concise, thorough and self-explanatory. A wonderful and practical addition to my music theory collection.