Piano Pronto®: Movement 2 (

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Piano Pronto®: Movement 2 (
Piano Pronto Movement 2 piano lesson book for late-beginners of all ages featuring fun and motivating tunes that keep students progressing-Pronto!
Piano Pronto®: Movement 2 (Hardcopy)

Piano Pronto®: Movement 2 (Hardcopy)

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Piano Pronto®: Movement 2 (eBook)

Piano Pronto®: Movement 2 (eBook)

Regular Price: $10.00


Recordings: Piano Pronto®, Movement 2 (Digital Download - Mp3s)

Recordings: Piano Pronto®, Movement 2 (Digital Download - Mp3s)

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Play-Along Soundtracks: Movement 2 (Mp3 Files - Digital Download)

Play-Along Soundtracks: Movement 2 (Mp3 Files - Digital Download)

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Piano Pronto® Teacher Starter Pack

Piano Pronto® Teacher Starter Pack

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Piano Pronto®: Movement 2

    • Designed for late-beginners who have completed the Movement 1 book

    • Students continue to explore music outside of 5-finger positions

    • New key signatures and scales introduced and previous keys are reviewed

    • 26 fun and familiar tunes to build note-reading skills

    • All-in-one textbook with integrated theory exercises

    • Pronto Prep sections teach and reinforce effective practice habits

    • Play-along soundtracks available (sold separately)

Track Listing

  1. A Little Night Music
  2. Medley: Amazing Grace & Kum-ba-yah
  3. Sweet Molly Malone
  4. March Militaire
  5. Stars & Stripes Forever
  6. Fifth Symphony Theme
  7. Country Gardens
  8. Largo
  9. You're a Grand Old Flag
  10. Sonata Theme
  11. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  12. D Scale Stomp
  13. Spring Theme
  14. Sonatina
  15. Feelin' Blue
  16. Hallelujah Chorus
  17. Wedding March: Processional
  18. Wedding March: Recessional
  19. Minuet in G
  20. Spanish Dance
  21. William Tell Overture Theme
  22. Who Can Sail Without Wind?
  23. Rondalla Aragonesa
  24. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  25. Spring Song
  26. Medley: Scottish & Irish Tunes
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Additional Details

ISBN: 978-0-9818616-2-3
Level: Late Beginner, Early Intermediate
Medium: Method Book
Method Book Match: Movement 2


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My students enjoy this music. I like the mix of folk songs and classics.

This movement has some familiar songs and some new ones. Students love to keep progressing with new skills.

This book has saved a student who was thinking of quitting. the pieces are fun to learn, and she plays them over and over again. We even make up words for some of them. Thank you!!!

My students have been enjoying all the Piano Pronto method levels, but I think Movement 2 is my personal favorite. There are lots of goodies in there students enjoy and it is a level that really gets them progressing.

I bought Movement 2 for an adult to use as supplementary repertoire. She loves the music in it because much of it is recognisable, and really enjoys working through the pieces!
I love the Pronto Prep pages and find that they are extremely useful in preparing students for the music to follow.
My only complaint is that I find some of the levelling to differ a bit from traditional method books. For example, “Country Gardens” contains only half, quarter, and eighth notes, which I would deem “easier” than a piece containing dotted quarter notes (e.g. “Sweet Molly Malone”), yet Sweet Molly appears earlier in the book than Country Gardens. This means that I have to skip around a bit to find music that suits her level, but it is just a minor complaint, and overall I love the book!
Hi Leia! Thanks for your review of the book. I just wanted to state that unlike other method books, I’ve made a point of periodically taking a step ‘backwards’
to review and refresh older concepts so throughout the Piano Pronto series you will see ‘easier’ pieces pop up. That was a very intentional move on my part
because I feel that many books are graded too steeply and make a habit of introducing a concept, using the concept in one piece, and then move on to
something new without ever going back to review which is extremely important for students to be doing! Glad you enjoyed the pieces and the book!

I’m impressed!
I like the built in theory pages/work sheets and mp3 files. Together they work so very well that I am finding they are helping me keep my students accountable for their work.

I have a 13 year old in Movement 2 right now and she’s really enjoying it! It’s fun that she doesn’t have to wait until she’s had lessons for 6 years to be able to experience some of these great classical pieces!
I also like that you put in easier pieces now and then…constantly moving upward with new concepts can burn kids out. Piano Pronto’s pace is perfect.

All of Jennifer’s books are expertly arranged and assembled. I am excited to build my library of resources to provide excellent materials for my students.
The unlimited Ebook option is the best.
Jennifer, the arrangements, particularly in Movement 2, are fun, interesting, and within range of students who otherwise would have to wait years to play these pieces elsewhere. Thank you!

I Just put a 6th grade girl in Movement 2. She was previously at the end of Bastien Piano Basics Level 2. That is not a fun book and the songs are uninteresting and unrecognizable for the most part. She loves Movement 2 and I am so thankful I found out about Piano Pronto. This child has done a complete turn around. Movement 2 has a fantastic variety and its a fun book! My student will learn a lot of new concepts she has not learned in the Bastien series. The arrangements are perfect!

I had an adult student transfer in & she has absolutely LOVED the switch to PP! She enjoys the songs & the arrangements. She also enjoys the fact that we can supplement lots of outside music (pop & classical styles) so it keeps the lessons fresh & fun. I’ve taught over 10 years & I have to say I’ve never found a better book for adults. (Kids love them too though!)

We recently moved and haven’t been able to find a new teacher. I decided I would teach them myself as I had 6 years of piano lessons myself. Well, I have 1 daughter that has been very reluctant to practice (her old teacher was using piano adventures) until I showed her the new lesson book I received (movement 2). She immediately picked it up with a smile and went to try the first exercise. It really helps that it is actual music they have heard and are familiar with. It’s not the normal boring lesson book songs. I will be back for more material as I have 3 other children that were also taking lessons. Thank you!!

I’ve had an adult switch to Movement 2 & she LOVES the music because of the simplistic layout of the materials, the “Pronto Prep” helping her focus on the difficult sections of the upcoming piece, and the familiarity of the songs. I have had other students (kids & teens) switch from Alfred’s & some from Faber. They ALL love Pronto & have practiced like never before. I will be switching more as soon as possible! 5 stars from me!

I switched my students over to piano pronto and they love the books! They actually asked to stop learning their radio pop songs so they could work on more songs from their new piano pronto books! Thanks Jennifer for your wonderful series!

Jennifer’s comment about reviewing concepts is correct. I like that so much about these books. She also has chosen some great old familiar pieces and classical favorites that students are anxious to learn. I am anxious to add more students to piano pronto.