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License Upgrade Info

The following screenshots will explain the license upgrade process. Note, you must be logged in to your user account for this process. If you have bought a single user license product and want to upgrade it to a studio license, simply buy the studio license and you will receive store credit for the amount you originally paid for the single user license. You can then use that store credit to buy a different single user license at no cost to you! Your store credit never expires.

The first image shows a product page before buying either the single user or studio license. You will see a greyed out upgrade symbol representing the ability to upgrade after purchasing the single user license.

After you have bought the single user license, you will see the green check mark by the single user product, as well as a green upgrade icon which indicates that you are eligible for upgrading to a studio license.

After you have upgraded, you will see the green check mark by the studio license product.


Viewing Store Credit Balance

In order to view your store credit balance and refunds, click on the store credit entry in the user menu in the top bar. You will see the amount refunded and can click on the order number or credit memo number to see the details of which product the credit is from.


Using Store Credit

To use your store credit, start the checkout process and you will see the option to use your balance on the payment section.

If your order total is more than the amount of store credit you have available, you may see a message to select a payment type. This means you need to pay for the rest via credit card or PayPal. If you have enough store credit to cover the order, you will not need to enter any payment info.