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Ukrainian Bell Carol Duet (
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Ukrainian Bell Carol duet is ideal for early intermediates with an equal level of difficulty in both parts. Arranged by Jennifer Eklund.
Ukrainian Bell Carol Duet (Digital: Single User)

Ukrainian Bell Carol Duet (Digital: Single User)

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Ukrainian Bell Carol Duet (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Ukrainian Bell Carol Duet (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Ukrainian Bell Carol Duet

    • Evenly-Leveled Holiday Duet

    • Style: Lyrical

    • Correlates to Piano Pronto method books: Movement 2, 3, 4.

    • Level: Early Intermediates & up

    • Tonal center: A minor

    • Teaching concepts: Waltz-time; collaborative work

Additional Details

Tonal Center: A minor
Genre(s): Holiday
Instrumentation: Evenly-Leveled Duet, Piano Duet
Level: Early Intermediate
Medium: Sheet Music
Method Book Match: Movement 2, Movement 3, Movement 4


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I played this one with my sister yesterday evening! She recently picked up lessons again as an adult (with me ;-) ), after having played for two years when she was a kid.

She absolutely adores the arrangement. We had such a blast playing together! Something as sisters we actually never did before. It was a super moment. We had lots of fun, and look forward to more stuff like this! Absolutely terrific. Thank you Jennifer!

I played this with one of my students at a Christmas recital and it was a hit.

i love this, my pupils love this and even their parents appreciate how great their children sound when playing it. it was a big hit at our Christmas party.

This is a favorite with my students! It gives them a boost to be playing a beautiful New Age style arrangement; I often assign the secondo part!

This is a really pretty duet. My son is excited to play it with a friend at the Christmas recital this year. I love how the melody goes into the bass clef on the second page. Very pretty.
But then again…if Jennifer writes it, it has to be good!
I’m looking forward to more duets, maybe in time for Christmas! : )

Very nice…this duet will be a great bonus for all our Christmas programs. Can’t wait to share with two of my students who are friends and share lesson time. Love it!

“Carol of the Bells” is a well-known, easily recognizable Christmas carol that can easily become mundane. Same old, same old. Jennifer Eklund’s arrangement, however is anything *but* mundane!
The familiar melody and rhythms are coupled with some interesting chord changes that keep it interesting for students. The duet is well written and balanced between both parts. Two students of comparable ability can easily handle both parts.
I shared “Carol of the Bells” in my studio today with two sisters, and we spent the next 10 minutes working through the first page, parts separately, before putting them together. SO much laughter and giggles that the girls’ mother stuck her head in the door to see what was going on. Even though it’s September, those girls can not *wait* to get home and work on their parts.
Thank you, Jennifer, for creating such a lovely, modern arrangement of this beautiful carol while retaining the beauty of the original. Now, can we please have more duets like this?

This piece has always been a favorite solo at my Christmas Recitals — and a student who played it last year was SO excited when I gave her this duet arrangement this week! Fresh, beautiful harmonies — thanks, Jennifer!

Terrific arrangement! I have 2 sisters learning this as wonderful Christmas surprise for their parents. So glad to finally have an option for this piece for 4 hands. Thank you, Jennifer, for continuing to provide solid writing for students!

2 junior high students will play this fun, exciting arrangement as an encore to close out our holiday recital this season. I am VERY EXCITED because THE GIRLS LOVE PLAYING IT!!!! Tons of fun. Jennifer, this is what playing the piano is all about. Many thanks, and hats off to YOU.

I gave this to a student tonight – he’s working on the Secondo part and found the part very playable. Love the “New Age” feel and that it sounds harder than it is. Would love to see more duets like this. Thank you!

I had two sisters play this for our Christmas recital this year. Beautiful arrangement with interesting melody changes. They loved it and played it beautifully! Thanks for the duet for this popular carol.

My son and her friend played this at our recent winter recital. They loved it. Beautiful arrangement.

I had a pair of siblings play this duet this year and it was fantastic! They had a great time learning it! A wonderful arrangement that is so fun to play!