Someday (Evenly-Leveled Easy Duet) (

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Someday (Evenly-Leveled Easy Duet) (
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Someday is an even-leveled pop-style duet ideal for two late beginning level students. Music by Piano Pronto author Jennifer Eklund. This piece has been selected for the NFMC Festivals Bulletin, 2020-2024.
Someday (Evenly-Leveled Easy Duet) (Digital: Single User)

Someday (Evenly-Leveled Easy Duet) (Digital: Single User)

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Someday (Evenly-Leveled Easy Duet) (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Someday (Evenly-Leveled Easy Duet) (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Someday (Evenly-Leveled Easy Duet)

    • Both parts are written for late beginners

    • Style: Pop music; Lyical

    • Correlates to Piano Pronto method books: Movement 1 & 2.

    • Level: Late beginners

    • Tonal center: C major

    • Teaching concepts: ties over the barline; eighth note/quarter note; beginning syncopation; collaborative work

Additional Details

Composer: Eklund
Tonal Center: C major
Genre(s): Contemporary Lyrical, Easy Lyrical, Pop-Style
Instrumentation: Evenly-Leveled Duet, Piano Duet
Level: Late Beginner
Medium: Sheet Music
Method Book Match: Movement 1, Movement 2, Movement 3, Fired Up! Level Two


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Had a student do the duet with me. We did it one way, and next week, we are switching sides. Love this song, any way it is played!

I've had several students learn to play Someday. They really enjoy the pop-style melody and the beautiful harmonies, and the wistful emotion of the piece. Very popular!

I teach 8 year old twin girls. They "devoured" this duet and put it together beautifully! Love this!

Got this duet for two students for the recital. They and the audience loved it! It's not too difficult, so they can focus on working off each other and musicality of the piece. This is a great piece to have students start to working together!

I also had a pair of sisters perform this at a recital. Lovely, lyrical melody that flows between the two parts. Perfect for working on balancing melody with accompaniment.

I have a sister pair performing this in one of our spring recitals. They love it! One of the calmer duets, sounds almost like a day dream would sound. Beautiful and perfect.