Vocal Recordings: Roadtrip!™ (Digital Download - Mp3s)

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Vocal Recordings: Roadtrip!™ (Digital Download - Mp3s)

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An essential item to amp up the full-time fun! This soundtrack includes: all of the lesson verses, vocal versions recorded by jazz vocalist Jenny Thiel, piano duet versions, and instrumental tracks for all 18 Roadtrip! songs. These recordings are great for at-home listening during the week when students are in between lessons or just a fun soundtrack for in the car!

Vocal Recordings: Roadtrip!™ (Digital Download - Mp3s)

  • Recordings/Soundtrack for Roadtrip! My Musical Memory Book

  • Includes: spoken verses, vocal version, teacher duet version, and instrumental version for all 18 Roadtrip! songs

  • Great for students to use for at-home listening between lessons

  • 75 tracks - Digital Download only


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