Seven Sisters

Sheet Music composed by Joanne Griffiths

Seven Sisters is a study in 7/8 time, inspired directly by Etude No.16 by Philip Glass. There are two main motifs that are introduced individually. One low in the bass and the other high in the treble, that are then combined to create some fun crossing the hands back and forth over a driving ostinato based on only two chords. There is plenty of scope for dynamic variation and sensitivity to tonal balance, whilst also playing with energy and imagination.

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Digital Sheet Music

Seven Sisters (Digital: Single User)

Seven Sisters (Digital: Single User)

Seven Sisters (Digital: Studio License)

Seven Sisters (Digital: Studio License)

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About the composer

Joanne Griffiths

Joanne Griffiths

British-born composer Joanne Griffiths lives and works in the High Peak, U.K. with her husband and their two children. She earned a Master’s degree in composition from Salford University in 2012 and enjoys dividing her time between teaching, composing, and both singing in and directing choirs. In her spare time, she is passionate about making hats, and listening to live music.

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