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Wishlists How-To

The following screenshots will walk you through using the multiple wishlists feature which allows you to organize and share products. We highly recommend using the wishlists feature if you don't intend to buy a piece right away and want to save it for later. This method is better than leaving items in your cart that you wish to purchase at a later date.

Step 1:

Click on the user icon and then click "My Wishlists".

Step 2:

You will now be at your main wishlist. If you have not used the feature yet it will be empty.

Step 3:

Click "New Products" to see a list of the latest products from Piano Pronto.

Step 4:

Copy a product to your main wishlist by hovering over "Copy" and then clicking "Copy".

Step 5:

Click on "Featured Products" to see a list of new and popular products from Piano Pronto. You can copy products from here in the same way as the last step.

Step 6:

You will now be back at your main wishlist and see the items you have copied over from the "Featured Products" and "New Products".

Step 7:

Notice that "A Minor Mystery" is a "-DS" sku meaning it's a digital single license. If you would like to change it to an unlimited license, click the "Edit" button.

Step 8:

Now change the digital single license quantity to "0" and the unlimited license quantity to "1". Then click "Update Wishlist".

Step 9:

"A Minor Mystery" will now be updated in your main wishlist.

Step 10:

You can add notes to items in your wishlists in order to keep track of them. Click "Save Notes" to save. Note: if you intend to share this wishlist, the note will be visible to the recipient.

Step 11:

Now create a new wishlist for a particular student named "Johnny". Enter a title for the new wishlist and click "Create Wishlist".

Step 12:

You will be taken to the new wishlist. If you would like to edit the properties of this wishlist, click the gear icon.

Step 13:

If you need to rename the wishlist, you can do so here. Rename "Pieces for Johnny" to "Pieces for Jimmy" and click "Rename". If you want to delete this wishlist you can do so here. Note: you cannot delete the main wishlist or the featured/newest products wishlist.

Step 14:

Click back into your main wishlist, then move "A Minor Mystery to "Pieces for Jimmy". Moving a piece will remove it from the main wishlist while copying will leave it in the main wishlist.

Step 15:

Edit the note for "A Minor Mystery" and click "Save Notes".

Step 16:

Now let's add another piece to the wishlist. Click Sheet Music > Viva Violin. Then click on "Cheers".

Step 17:

Click on "Add to Wishlist".

Step 18:

A pop-up window will appear where you can change the quantity of the product that you want to add to your wishlist. Once you are done, click "Next".

Step 19:

Select the "Pieces for Jimmy" wishlist and then click "Add to Wishlist".

Step 20:

The item will be added to your wishlist, click "Close" and then navigate back to your wishlists and click on "Pieces for Jimmy".

Step 21:

"Cheers" is now in the wishlist.

Step 22:

Add a note to "Cheers" and click "Save Notes".

Step 23:

Now we are ready to share this wishlist. Click "Share Wishlist".

Step 24:

Enter the email of the person you would like to send this wishlist to. If you would like to send it to multiple people, enter several email addresses separated by a comma. You can optionally add a note. When you are ready, click "Share Wishlist".

Step 25:

Before you submit, you can see a preview of how the wishlist will appear to the recipient. Observe how your notes are visible to the recipient. After you share this wishlist, if you make changes to it, those changes will be visible to the recipient as well. You should not remove items from a wishlist once you have shared it unless the recipient has already bought those items.

Step 26:

This is how the wishlist will appear in the recipient's inbox. They will be able to add all products to their cart, or just individual ones.

Step 27:

Go back to your wishlists and create a new wishlist for a new student.

Step 28:

The new wishlist will be empty, so click on "Pieces for Jimmy", then select all of the items, and finally click "Copy/Move" and copy the items to "Pieces for Jane".

Step 29:

You can edit multiple notes at once, and click any of the "Save Notes" buttons. All notes will be saved.

Step 30:

When you are ready to purchase items from your wishlist, click "Add all to cart".

Step 31:

You will now have "A Minor Mystery" and "Cheers" in your cart.

Step 32:

One more way to add items to your wishlist is through the Radio feature. Click on the music notes at the top of the screen.

Step 33:

From the radio, you can click "Add to Wishlist" when you hear a song that you like.

Step 34:

A pop-up window will appear. This time, let's add one Hardcopy book and the recordings. Then click "Next".

Step 35:

Create a new wishlist called "Method Books". Then click "Add to Wishlist".

Step 36:

The items have been added to your wishlist. Click "close" and then navigate back to your wishlists.

Step 37:

In this case, we can see the product is configured as one hardcopy sku and one recordings sku. If you wish to change this, you can click "Edit".

Step 38:

When you have many wishlists, you can use the left and right arrows to scroll through the wishlist tabs.

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