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My Digital Products

The following screenshots will walk you through using the "My Digital Products" section to access your digital purchases. While the screenshots show Firefox on Mac OSX, the same process will apply on all browsers.


From any page, click the "user" icon in the top right area of the webpage. Then click "My Digital Products".


Below is the "My Digital Products" homepage. You will see a menu item for each of the categories you have purchased digital files from. Therefore, if you have never bought a digital method book, you would not see "Method Books". The number to the right indicates how many products you have purchased in each category.


In the example, we have clicked "Sheet Music". You will see all the digital sheet music that you have purchased on this screen. The items are ordered in the same way that they appear in the "Sheet Music" category when buying new music.


You can search this list for a particular product. Although "Forget Me Not" was already on the top, you can see when we search "forget" that it is the only item shown.


Once you click on a product, you will be taken to the following screen. You will see the product image, title, and description. Clicking on the image or title will take you to the product page in case you need to look at information there, but the main action you want to take here is clicking on one of the buttons labelled "Online Viewer", "Download", and "Print". Clicking on the "Online Viewer" button will open the piece in the Online Sheet Music Viewer. Clicking on the "Download" button will download the PDF to your computer. Clicking on the "Print" button will take you to our online printing feature. Note that on single user license items you will see the number of times you've downloaded/printed an item within parenthesis and the total number of downloads/prints available. Learn more about print rights.


In the last few steps, we looked at how sheet music and eBooks appear in "My Digital Products". In the next two steps we will look at how digital audio works. To get back to the the main screen, you can click the grey title bar with the back arrow, or click "My Digital Products" on the left hand menu, or just reload the page. Then click "Digital Audio".


Once you have clicked on a product you have purchased, you will see the title, description & image. You will also see two buttons: "Download" and "Listen Online". If you choose to download the file, you will need to unzip the files. Doing this (while possible) is not recommended on a mobile/tablet device unless you have an unzipping app. The easiest way to use your digital audio products is to click on "Listen Online" which will take you to "My Audio Player".

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