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Simple Sensations Songbook (
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Simple Sensations is a must-have collection of thirteen easy showcase solos composed by Robyn Fehrenbacher for beginners of all ages. While each piece stands alone, this book also includes contemporary, lush teacher duet parts to maximize the fun!
Simple Sensations Songbook (Hardcopy)

Simple Sensations Songbook (Hardcopy)

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Simple Sensations Songbook (Digital: Single User)

Simple Sensations Songbook (Digital: Single User)

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Simple Sensations Songbook (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Simple Sensations Songbook (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Simple Sensations Songbook

  • Style: Easy Showcase Solos with Teacher Duets

  • Page count: 52

  • Correlates to Piano Pronto method books: Prelude & Movement 1

  • Level: Beginners/Late-beginners

  • Tonal center: Various

  • Teaching Concepts: Easy syncopation; eighth notes; articulations; phrasing; collaborative work

Additional Details

Composer: Robyn Fehrenbacher
Tonal Center: Various
Genre(s): Showcase Solos
Instrumentation: Piano Solo, Piano Solo w/Teacher Duet
ISBN: 978-1-942751-62-5
Level: Beginner, Late Beginner
Medium: Hardcopy, Songbook
Method Book Match: Prelude, Movement 1


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I absolutely love this book! I have beginner students ranging from 4 to 13 playing songs from this book and they love the songs as much as I do. A variety of wonderful, engaging pieces with truly lush teacher duets. Many of my students have parents who play, so it's fun for them to play these songs together at home. Honestly, I can't say enough about this wonderful book.

This is the most charming and fun book for elementary level students (end of Prelude/Level 1). The variety of moods, from sweet & lyrical to rhythmic and energetic, appeals to all my beginners, boys and girls, young and teens. The pieces start more simply and increase in difficulty, from one hand playing at a time in C to moving to other key signatures (accidentals written in) and hands playing together. My son says it reminds him of Anime music, which is the highest compliment from him.

I love this songbook! It is full many styles and types of pieces that are great for recitals!

This book is excellent! My students love it, and I have a father and daughter working on a duet from it! Robyn certainly understands children because this book is tops!

A beautiful collection that students will love to play! The duets add a lot to make these pieces sound full.

This is really a great collection for elementary level students. Works great as a solo book with a Prelude and Movement one. The duets are beautiful with lush harmonies, and yet an older sibling or parent could play with the student.

My pupils are in love with this book! The studio licence has been worth every penny as my pupils are smitten with each piece and are drawing in their siblings and family members to play along with them <3

Unique, motivating solos that my beginning students are enjoying and choosing as recital pieces!

Wow!! Full of beautiful, contemporary and engaging pieces that your students will really enjoy! I can't wait to add this book to my studio!