Windy Trees - Music by Lisa Donovan Lukas (

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Windy Trees - Music by Lisa Donovan Lukas (
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Windy Trees is a beautiful lyrical showcase piece for the elementary level student of any age, composed by Lisa Donovan Lukas. It also has an accompanying teacher duet part and lyrics which can be sung, as well as a play-along track for at-home duet practice.
Windy Trees (Digital: Single User)

Windy Trees (Digital: Single User)

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Windy Trees (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Windy Trees (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Windy Trees - Music by Lisa Donovan Lukas

  • Style: Easy Lyrical Solo

  • Correlates to Piano Pronto method books: Prelude & Movement 1

  • Level: Beginners & up

  • Tonal center: D minor

  • Teaching Concepts: Collaborative work; octave hand shift; hand-over-hand crossing; dynamics; lyrical phrasing

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    SKU: PPLDL1012
    Composer: Lisa Donovan Lukas
    Tonal Center: D minor
    Genre(s): Easy Lyrical, Pop-Style
    Instrumentation: Piano Solo, Piano Solo w/Teacher Duet
    In a collection: Dancing with my Shadow
    Level: Beginner, Late Beginner
    Medium: Sheet Music
    Method Book Match: Prelude, Movement 1


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    My Spring Recital this year is all duets/trios. I have a pair of siblings playing Windy Trees, and it is one of my favorite pieces in the recital lineup!

    A good piece for learning to hold a tie over a bar line in the LH - perfect for the fall season!

    Just beautiful. So lush for an elementary piece. I have several students that will love this. This is a real gem!