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Online Sheet Music Viewer

The following screenshots will walk you through using the "Online Sheet Music Viewer" section to access your digital purchases. While the screenshots show Chrome on Mac OSX, the same basic process will apply on all browsers.


Click on the viewer icon on the top of the screen to launch the online sheet music viewer


If you are on a mobile device, you will not see the icon in the previous screen, so another way to access the viewer is to use the wrench icon and go to "Apps > Online Viewer".


You may be asked to log in to your Piano Pronto account. If so, please provide your username and password.


Once you are logged in, the main menu will open. You can open/close this menu at any time by clicking on the hamburger (three lines) icon.


We are going to open a sample piece to explore the functionality of the online viewer. First, click on "Piano Pronto Publishing".


All of your purchases are organized by category. The number to the right of each category represents the number of pieces in that category. One piece of sheet music may belong to several categories (for example a duet will be in both "Duets" and "Sheet Music".) Click on "Sheet Music".


In this example, we will open "Forget Me Not" but if you have not purchased that item, choose any piece that is available.


You will now see information about this piece such as the product image and description. Additionally you will see buttons to "View Now", "Print", "Download" and "Listen" to recordings/play-along soundtracks (if available.) Click the "View Now" button.


Once you have clicked "View Now" the piece will start loading. Please be patient as it may take a little while to fully load. Close the menu and you can begin viewing your piece. To navigate to the next page, you can either: use the left/right keyboard keys, click on the left/right arrows on the top-right part of the screen near the page count, or click on the large arrow. Depending on your screen size you will see only one page at a time or a two-page spread.

STEP 10:

Audio is available on nearly all products. Click on the play button in the bottom-right area of the screen to start/pause playback. To open the full audio controls, click on the track number/title in the bottom-right area of the screen (in this case "Track #1 - Forget Me Not")

STEP 11:

The full audio controls provide track listings and volume control.

STEP 12:

Close the menu by clicking on the darkened area or the hamburger menu.

STEP 13:

In order to gain some more space, you can hide the bottom control bar with the quick audio controls by clicking on the "eye" icon.

STEP 14:

You can show the bottom control bar by clicking on the "eye" icon again.

STEP 15:

Now let's open another digital item. Click on the hamburger menu (highlighted in gold below.)

STEP 16:

Navigate to "Piano Pronto Publishing" > "Songbooks" > "Stage Left! Easy Left-Handed Solos". If you bought the backing tracks with this item, click "Listen to Play-Along Soundtracks". If you did not buy the backing tracks, you can still listen to the recordings.

STEP 17:

After clicking on one of the "Listen" buttons you will hear the first song play. To get back to the main menu, click the back button three times.

STEP 18:

Then click "Audio Player"

STEP 19:

You can switch between the recordings and play-along soundtracks by using the buttons on the top of the audio player.

STEP 20:

To download this file for use with an external application, click the download icon at the top of the screen.

STEP 21:

The file will now be in your "Downloads" folder on your desktop. You can also click on the file at the bottom of your browser window to open.

STEP 22:

If you have downloaded this file twice already, you will be prompted with "The link has expired" error. Please check your downloads folder to see if you have already downloaded this file. Downloading on an iPad is not recommended unless you know how to save PDFs to iBooks. If you receive this error and still can't find the file, please contact us. Learn more about print/download rights

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