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Sky's the Limit (
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Sky's the Limit is an easy, lyrical pop solo for late beginners through early intermediates of all ages. Music composed by Jennifer Eklund and part of the Spotlight Solos Volume 2 songbook.
Sky's the Limit (Digital: Single User)

Sky's the Limit (Digital: Single User)

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Sky's the Limit (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

Sky's the Limit (Digital: Unlimited Reproductions)

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Sky's the Limit

  • Haunting, minor-key, pop-style solo for early intermediates!

  • Style: Lyrical pop

  • Correlates to Piano Pronto method books: Movement 2 & up

  • Level: Early intermediates

  • Tonal center: A minor/C major

  • Teaching concepts: legato phrasing; syncopation; LH position shifts; hand crossovers; ties over the barline

Additional Details

Composer: Eklund
Tonal Center: A minor
Genre(s): Contemporary Lyrical, Easy Lyrical, Pop-Style, Showcase Solos
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
In a collection: Spotlight Solos: Volume 2
ISMN: 979-0-58025-012-4
Level: Late Beginner, Early Intermediate
Medium: Sheet Music
Method Book Match: Movement 2, Movement 3


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I gave this to a teen today who loves dramatic game music, and his mother who loves classical and world music had the next lesson and said "I want a piece like that!"

I love to use this piece when a student is learning how to use the fermata. It is a beautiful piece, and the fermatas help them begin to really listen to what they are playing.

I had a student (who happens to be my oldest son) recently perform this piece for a hymn festival audition (as the solo piano requirement). The judges told him they loved it and wrote down the name of the piece so they could find it for their students! He loved playing it and he thought it was pretty cool the judges were so intrigued by it, too!

I personally think this a beautifully mysterious sounding piece. I used this with a student to begin discussion how to tell if a piece is Major or minor. It is a great starter piece for the more intermediate leveled Pronto styled solos.