Improved Dashboard

Account Dashboard

We at Piano Pronto Publishing have revamped the "My Dashboard" section of the website to make it easier to find and print/download your recent orders. Using the user icon in the top-right area of the screen, click "My Account" to go to the Account Dashboard. You will notice your last five orders are automatically shown with links to print, download or view your purchases.

My Orders

Click on the "View All" or the "My Orders" link on the left menu to view all your orders. Each order is labelled with the date of purchase and the item(s) you purchased. Again, you may print, download or view any of your digital item easily.

Order Details

By Clicking "View Order" you will be taken to the order details page. You can see your invoices, shipments and refunds here. Additionally, you can print your order, or use the next/previous order buttons to quickly navigate through your orders.

Product Page

We have added helpful icons on the product page such as if the item is a hardcopy or digital item, as well as how many prints or downloads are available after purchase.

Order Complete Page

Perhaps most helpful is that we have links to print, download or view your purchases right on the order complete page.

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